Devil May Cry V – Review in Progress

So there I was facing off against Artemis, the boss of the second stage. While not too difficult to the point of frustration, I did make quite a few key mistakes that brought my health just barely above dying. With only one of Nero’s Devil Breakers, Gerbera, left on my arsenal, I had to make a choice. Should I take advantage of the arm’s generous dodging capabilities which kept me alive throughout the fight, or should I sacrifice it for maximum damage?

Ultimately, I decided to take a gamble on the latter. Discharging its ultimate attack mid-air, I brought the enemy’s health down as low as mine. The next clean hit would ultimately decide who the victor was.

My gamble did pay off and I was able to get a hit in which finished the fight. It was through fights like these, that make those legendary moments in the game. Devil May Cry V is definitely there for the thrill.

Devil May Cry 5 attack

So I’ve had the chance to play Devil May Cry V for many hours straight. And even though I’m nowhere near close to finishing the game, I have progressed quite a lot. Thanks to playing the demo, I had a big headstart on blood orbs, the game’s currency for upgrades. Since we got the review code from Capcom on launch, my review is certainly going to be delayed, but nonetheless, here are the things I want you to know.

To cut my review-in-progress short, this is the best game I’ve played all year. Much of the gameplay in previous Devil May Cry entries have been refined with the RE Engine. It gives it a more realistic fluid feel when hacking and slashing through enemies. Combat never got boring even once.

There’s actually a pretty good chunk of strategy to this otherwise adrenaline heavy game. Resources can be limited and even fragile at times, so players really have to think before expending what they have. Nero’s Devil Breakers, for one thing, can break after one hit if caught during use. V’s demonic allies can take damage leaving V defenseless if both of them are out. Dante himself, needing a lot of time to get used to and master due to how complex and varied his move-set is.

I really love how fluid the combat is here. Both Nero and V offer a fresh experience to hack-and-slash their way through the horrors. Killing enemies isn’t as much of a challenge as it is turning how you kill them into a spectacle. Dante especially, being a walking armory full of Devil Arms that can turn anyone into mincemeat.

Devil May Cry 5 dante

One complaint I do have is how difficult it can be to see at times, more so on V’s part. Since you’re commanding demons rather than taking direct action yourself, it can be difficult to always look at the distance to keep watch on your pets. Even more so since V has two demons to look after as well as himself. The giant titan he summons, Nightmare, however, can make do on its own without any assistance.

Other than that, I have yet to run into any real issue. Everything in this game is smooth. Devil May Cry V just oozes style but without sacrificing function. I can tell there was a lot of love put into this game. In fact, I’m willing to bet you probably already bought it.

Truthfully, I’ve always felt that the story was one of the weaker aspects of Devil May Cry, with gameplay being its strongest point. But in here, the game has actually kept my interest. There’s quite a bit of lore and callbacks that older fans of Devil May Cry will appreciate. I think that this entry may have the best story to offer.

Devil May Cry 5 V

I have to say, this is probably one of the easiest Devil May Cry entries I’ve played during my time. Maybe it’s because the characters are more powerful and easy to control than they were in the previous installments. I’m already on Mission 13 and on Devil Hunter difficulty and I’ve only ever died twice.

That’s not to say the game is a bad thing. It may be too early to tell. But combat can be a bit forgiving. Even with no items on the menu to heal you this time around, you can still keep a good chunk of your health if you stay on your guard. Maybe it’s because I’m an older player and am already used to the fast-paced combat of Devil May Cry. But I do still love what the game has to offer and am looking forward to finishing it and have my review out really soon.

DisclosureThis review is based on a review code provided by Capcom. Read our review policy to know how we go with our game reviews. A final score will be given once we get the full review out.
Tested on: PS4

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