Devil May Cry V To Launch On PS4 First; Uses Unreal Engine 4 [Leak Update]

Following the leak from ResetEra user, Son of Sparda, about Devil May Cry V, there are some key details added today by the same user.

In the latest update post from Son of Sparda, Devil May Cry V will launch first on Sony’s PS4 with a PC release to come at a later date. He also added that the game is “unlikely” to release on other platforms which means DMCV might not launch on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.  Furthermore, the ResetEra user added that the game will be powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.

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Okay just a tiny update/leak: (I’ll add these to OP as well)

– PlayStation 4 first, PC later. (highly unlikely to be on any other platform)
– Unreal Engine 4[/alert]

While we did not hear anything from Capcom’s side yet, we can give all these information the benefit of the doubt. The internet can spew out different leaks that aren’t legit, however, this leak about DMCV might really be true. But who knows? We’re excited about it!

We’ll keep you posted once we get more details.