Diablo 4 Act 1 Ending Explained

A look into the events and ending of Act 1 in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Act 1 Ending cover

The beta access to Diablo 4 has allowed players to experience Act 1 of the game’s campaign. Act 1 puts players in the shoes of the protagonist, who gets involved with a girl named Neyrelle as she plans to stop her mother from falling into the will of re-emancipated Lilith and doing the succubus’ bidding.

A brief summary of Act 1

In the first part of Act 1, it was shown that Lilith came to Vhenard, Neyrelle’s mother, in her quest to gather more followers and raise an army to conquer Sanctuary. Vhenard was promised by the succubus knowledge beyond what humanity has obtained so far, and this was enough to convince her to follow Lilith’s steps.

This sets off a chase to rescue Vhenard from being Lilith’s pawn, but it was too late as Vhenard had already fallen too deep and started the ritual, which leaves our protagonist no other choice but to end her. Because of her great love for her mother and her desire to exact revenge against Lilith, Neyrelle even considers necromancy to bring her mother back to the land of the living and to help her get closer to defeating Lilith.

In the Crossing Over quest, Neyrelle manages to use necromancy and revive her mother for a short while, but just long enough to tell them how to get across the Black Lake. In the following quest, Descent, the protagonist then follows the path ahead in pursuit of Lilith. During this journey, dialogues from the past between Inarius and Rathma reveal more details as to how the father and son had fallen apart due to their conflicting goals.

Act 1 Ending

As the protagonist makes their way through the Serpent’s Passage, defeating Lilith’s Lament and learning the truth that Inarius killed his own son Rathma, they finally arrive in the Balance Sanctum, where Rathma’s corpse lies. However, it was once again too late. It was revealed through Lilith’s blood petals that she has already come and gone, but not without taking the key that unlocks the doors of Hell from her son’s body.

The act ends with the protagonist handing over Vhenard’s amulet back to Neyrelle as Lorath talks about the uncertainty of what is about to happen to everyone caught in the impending war of heaven and hell in Sanctuary.

This first act gives us an introduction to Neyrelle and her suggested bigger role in the following acts. Now that she has touched the power of necromancy, only time will tell how she will use that power and if she will also fall into Lilith’s will. As the cinematic trailer has shown, all the events in the game appear to culminate in the inevitable clash of Inarius and Lilith’s forces, so it would be interesting to learn how things would escalate to that point, if they would, once the game gets fully released.

That’s the entirety of the Diablo 4 Act 1 ending explained. To sum up all Acts, including a summary of events for the game’s full ending, feel free to check out our Diablo 4 Ending Explained guide.