Diablo 4 Best Barbarian Build

The best Barbarian Whirlwind build in Diablo 4.

You can be a beast in combat with your ability specialize in multiple weapons which is why you’ll want to know the best Barbarian build in Diablo 4. With this class returning from the second game, the Barbarian now has new skills that completely make it into a brand new class. Learn the best skills, playstyle, and more for the Barbarian build in Diablo 4.

Best Barbarian Build in Diablo 4

Here is the best Barbarian build in Diablo 4:

Barbarian Best Basic & Core Skills

  • Flay
    • Enhanced Flay
    • Battle Flay
  • Whirlwind
    • Enhanced Whirlwind
    • Violent Whirlwind

Among all the Basic skills, Flay works in your best interest to deal damage-over-time to enemies via Bleed. You can further improve Bleed damage by investing in Battle Flay which we recommend. You need not take Flay at the beginning, as either Lunging Strike of Bash would do early in the game when you’re still trying to level up. Thankfully you can refund your points easily.

Whirlwind will be the bread and butter of this Barbarian build. You may remember this skill from Diablo II and it’s still just as potent here as it was then. With this Core skill, you can attack every enemy that surrounds you, which happens often, allowing you to deal with mobs. Invest in Violent Whirlwind to increase its damage further. With Enhanced Whirlwind, it’s a good way to farm some Fury.

Barbarian Best Defensive & Brawling Skills

  • Challenging Shout
    • Enhanced Challenging Shout
    • Strategic Challenging Shout
  • War Cry
    • Enhanced War Cry
    • Power War Cry

When going into the Defensive skill tree for the Barbarian, there are a few good options such as Rallying Cry and Challenging Shout. We don’t really recommend investing much into this skill tree unless you’re having some trouble with survivability. In any case we recommend the Challenging Shout for its ability to regain your max HP and even get your Fury when you take damage.

On to the Brawling Skills, War Cry is definitely essential. This will give you Berserking and buff your allies around you. With Power War Cry, the more enemies there are around you, the better the damage output bonus you’re granted.

Barbarian Best Weapon Mastery & Ultimate

  • Deathblow
    • Enhanced Deathblow
    • Warrior’s Deathblow
  • Call of the Ancients
    • Prime Call of the Ancients
    • Supreme Call of the Ancients

For Weapon Mastery skills, the Deathblow is a powerful skill to chain together against enemies. It deals a lot of damage and if you can one shot an enemy with it, the cooldown is reset. You could go for Steel Grasp which is pretty fun but not so useful when dealing with crowds.

The Ultimate is where the biggest damage comes from which is why we recommend investing into Call of the Ancients. Summons a trio of Barbarian Ancients to aid you in combat each with their own skills. Though you can also go for Wrath of the Berserker since you’ll be relying a lot on basic skills in this Barbarian build.

Barbarian Best Capstone Skill

Gushing Wounds and Unbridled Rage are two great choices for this build. We’d have to recommend you go with Gushing Wounds as this further punishes bleeding enemies. However you can also go for Unbridled Rage which will increase the Whirlwind damage at the cost of consuming more Fury.

Best Barbarian Build Diablo 4

This Diablo 4 best Barbarian build focuses on using the Whirlwind Core skill whenever possible. You can farm Fury this way and inflict Bleed using Flay. These two are the skills you’re going to be using the most for this build. You’ll still benefit from using Challenging Shout and War Cry so don’t forget to invest in those.

From our experience in the Early Access beta, none of the Barbarian skills are pay-to-win so you can unlock all of them from just playing the game. This build guide is from the beta that we played which is only limited to level 25, so expect us to update it upon the full release.

That’s the Diablo 4 best Barbarian build. We hope this article was useful to you.

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