Diablo 4 Forsaken Quarry – Best XP and Legendary Farm Dungeon

Learn more about the Forsaken Quarry and the farming strats to gain the optimum XP and loot per hour.

Diablo 4 Forsaken Quarry Farm cover

The Forsaken Quarry is one of the dungeons in Diablo 4. Due to the recent patches to the game that included nerfs to the top XP farm dungeons, the Forsaken Quarry is now one of the best places to farm XP and legendary gear for players who prefer dealing with auto-scaling difficulty. Read ahead as we go through the farming method for the Forsaken Quarry in Diablo 4 to get those XP and legendary gains efficiently.

Forsaken Quarry Location

The Forsaken Quarry is located northeast of Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks region. See the orange-marked area on the map below for reference:

Diablo 4 Forsaken Quarry Location

Forsaken Quarry Farming Method

The Forsaken Quarry has four sections, but for the sake of farming, you will only need to go through the first two sections. These sections are packed with mobs that can easily be defeated, plus you won’t have to do any other objectives or mechanics or deal with the boss at the end, which will take more time to finish.

Forsaken Quarry Farming Method - Diablo 4 Best XP and Legendary Farm Dungeon

First, you will need to slay all the enemies in the Deserted Adit (first section). There are around 6 groups of mobs in the area, and 1 or 2 of them can be found in another path that forks away from the main path. If you’re not tanky enough, it’s best to tackle these groups separately, especially since some of them can freeze you. After defeating all of the enemies, you can proceed through the next door.

Forsaken Quarry Farming Method - Diablo 4 Best XP and Legendary Farm Dungeon

The next part takes you to the Neglected Haulageway. You will be given an objective to free the prisoners in this section, but you can ignore it as what we are after are the mobs. The layout of this section is circular, but it is still not complicated. Clear out all of the mobs, and once you’re satisfied, you can just teleport out of the dungeon. To reset the dungeon, you can simply log out of the game and log back in; you should find yourself right back at the entrance of the dungeon; otherwise, try to wait for the logout countdown instead of pressing the logout button.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can finish a run in less than 2 minutes, netting you around 3%–4% XP progress per run or roughly a level per hour (~10.5M XP) even in the late 70s or 80s. You can also just run through the first section of the dungeon, cutting down your run time by more than half, but it would still net you roughly the same XP/hour rate. As for legendary gear, you will have around 25–30 legendaries per hour, even if you just do the first section, which has the most elites. Now, this dungeon may not beat the farming that can be experienced in doing Nightmare dungeon runs, but it’s still a good quick alternative in the current version of the game.