Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring: How to Solve the Quest Riddle

If you're patient enough, you'll learn the spring's secret.

Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring - How to Solve the Quest Riddle

Diablo 4 introduces an early-game side quest called “Secret of the Spring,” which tasks players with solving a riddle as they come across a crumpled note with a mysterious message. The riddle itself is quite tricky, and understanding it right on the spot seems impossible at first, but don’t fret.

Read on, and this guide will walk you through how to complete the Secret of the Spring Quest riddle, which will also take you to an unexplored region and reap some rewards.

How to Start the Secret of the Spring Quest

Go to Kylsik Plateau by going north from Kyovashad, then head over to the mountain ledge below the Forsaken Quarry dungeon. There you’ll find a note lying on the ground with a blue checkmark above it. See the images below for reference.

Interacting with the note will start the Secret of the Spring quest and reveal a secret message, which reads: “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.”

Secret of the Spring Location

After reading the note, open your map, and you’ll see a small blue circle northeast of Forsaken Quarry dungeon. Track the side quest marker and follow the designated path shown until you reach a small pond in the Trough of Orobas.

Secret of the Spring Location - Diablo 4

There are a bunch of mobs that you’ll eventually lure along the way, so it’s better to clear them out first before proceeding with the quest.

How to Solve the Secret of the Spring Riddle

To solve the Secret of the Spring Riddle, stand in front of the pond and use the “Wait” emote. Your default wheel doesn’t equip the “Wait” emote yet. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Emote Wheel ([E] on keyboard, [Up Arrow] on Controller)
  2. Hit on the Customize button to open the Emotes Tab
  3. Scroll down until you see the Wait Emote, assign it to any slot in your wheel, then save the changes you’ve made.

Once you’re all set, stand next to the pond, open up your Emote wheel, and then use “Wait” to reveal a treasure chest above you. Open it up, reap some random rewards, and complete the quest.

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