Diablo 4: Should you sell or salvage gear?

What should you do with your spare gear?

Diablo 4 Should you sell or salvage gear featured

What to do with extra equipment is important in Diablo 4, so you could consider selling it or salvaging gear. But what’s really the best option here? You’ll want to know if it’s better to get more gold or more resources to improve your equipment. And in Diablo 4, that decision can be crucial down the line, so use this guide to know whether you should sell or salvage gear.

Should you sell or salvage gear in Diablo 4?

It’s always better to salvage gear in Diablo 4 in return for the raw resources they provide that can upgrade and imprint your equipment at different vendors around Sanctuary. This is more beneficial, as the gold you get from selling your equipment usually won’t get you better gear in the long run.

Salvaging your gear at the blacksmith will get you valuable resources like silver ores, rawhide, iron chunks, etc., which are usually harder to stockpile. In contrast, it’s usually a lot easier to just get gold from doing quests in Diablo 4 and defeating enemies, so you won’t find yourself breaking the bank often enough to justify selling what could’ve been otherwise raw materials for upgrades. And while you can scavenge for raw upgrade materials around the world, salvaging any extra gear is the fastest way to build up on raw materials.

Of course, you will need gold to upgrade equipment, as vendors like the blacksmith and occultist charge you. There are plenty of ways to earn gold in Diablo 4, which makes selling any extra gear kind of an afterthought. With so many quests available, earning gold will never be a problem, and the equipment you can buy from NPCs isn’t as powerful as the drops from powerful foes or looting them from chests around Sanctuary.

If you really need gold for the upgrades, the best way to stock up on them is through side dungeons, side quests, and taking part in world events. Going through any of these will easily get you thousands, which you can use for upgrading.

This answers if it’s better to sell or salvage gear in Diablo 4. The game is now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.