Diablo 4 The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Side Quest Walkthrough

This guide talks about the solution to the riddle in the The Pilgrim's Footsteps in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 The Pilgrim's Footsteps cover

The Pilgrim’s Footsteps is a side quest that can be done in Diablo 4. In this quest, players will find an old book which documents the journey of a pilgrim pointing to a statue somewhere in the desert. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the The Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest in Diablo 4.

The Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest Location

The Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest can be found in the Amber Sands of the Kehjistan region. It can be started by interacting with the Old Book near the ruins and bone pile.

How to complete The Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest

Upon interacting with the old book, you will see the riddle written on it:

“Walk the road of faith to a lone desert chapel. Stand at Akarat’s feet, follow his example, and be rewarded.”

A marker will then appear that will show where Akarat’s statue is located. Follow the path up ahead and you will reach the statue. Contrary to what the riddle says, you do not have to follow what the statue is doing as there are no emotes that match it, but rather you should do a Follow gesture from the emote wheel. A chest will then spawn nearby, signaling that you have completed the quest.

Inside the chest are some elixirs, and you will also be rewarded with +20 Kehjistan Renown, XP, and some amount of gold for completing the side quest.

To use emotes, open the action or emote wheel by pressing on the E key if you are using a keyboard or the Up arrow if you are using a controller. You can then use the default emotes on the wheel by selecting them with the mouse or the analog stick.