Diablo Immortal Introduces New Class Blood Knight

The Alucard of Diablo Immortal.

Blizzard has recently revealed the new class that will join Diablo Immortal, the Blood Knight.

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Release Date

It was recently revealed during the Diablo Developer Update Livestream that Diablo Immortal will be getting a new class. It is the new Blood Knight class which will join Sanctuary on July 13, 2023. It reminds gamers of Alucard from the Castlevania classic games and also Gabriel from newer titles.

What is a Blood Knight?

The Blood Knight is a mid-range Class with hybrid attack options that are either melee or ranged depending on the proximity to the target. They are usually called the vanquisher of vampires and ironically feeds on enemies’ life like a vampire, entraps them in deadly shadows summoned with cursed strength, and relies on their polearm to maintain distance from danger.

The Blood Knight also has its ultimate ability, succumbing to the unholy abomination within themselves. It increases its attack and changes movesets completely.

The First New Class Since 2014

The launch of the Blood Knight is a special moment for the Diablo universe since it is the first new Class since the release of the Crusader way back in 2014. On July 11, 2023, the game will have a new content update, which will reveal other details aside from the Blood Knight.

Tragic Story of Blood Knight

It was revealed that the Blood Knight has a tragic story. The first Blood Knight was called Fernam and was assigned to protect a lord in the city of Gea Kul who was infatuated with vampires and their immortality. One day, a vampire that they captured and imprisoned by the lord got free, killed the lord, and gravely wounded Fernam during the escape. The lord’s top mage had performed a ritual on Fernam to stop the spread before he transformed. They were successful in keeping him alive, but instead of granting immortality, Fernam unexpectedly inherited some of the vampire’s power.

The mage taught Fernam the ritual and died while the knight got his lord’s wealth and moved into the catacombs below the keep to train. He also used this as the training grounds for future Blood Knights. Today, the Blood Knights have grown and save victims of vampires before they become thralls. If they are too late to save the victim, they give them a choice: either take Fernam’s pledge in blood or be put down mercifully by the polearm.

Diablo Immortal is now available on PC and mobile.