Diablo Immortal Next Updates Includes New Zone and Class

Mysterious new class and a zone to explore in upcoming updates!

Blizzard Entertainment has recently revealed its big plans for Diablo Immortal including new content.

Diablo Immortal will celebrate its first anniversary next month and it will bring a series of new updates for the game. This includes a new zone and a mysterious new class. Previously, a new game mode and limited-time event were introduced.

diablo immortal

According to a new blog post, a new “monstrous” class will be joining Diablo Immortal soon. It will specialize in mid-range playstyle using a classic weapon type. No specific details yet on what this mysterious class is like its skill set, appearance, and lore. This will be revealed sometime in July 2023 so we will have to wait for an official update.

The new zone that will be added later is called the Ancient’s Cradle, a mystical island inhabited by reclusive people. This will be introduced in mid-June where this will be the next chapter of the Main Questline. It will include a new PvP Zone Event, Side Quests, Bounties, and enemy types.

Diablo Immortal is now available on PC and mobile devices.