Diablo IV Already Has One Play Reaching Pinnacle Level (Update)

But will it let him get his name written on Lilith's bosoms err physical statue?

Update: We now have a new level 100 player who played in Hardcore mode. The new winner is known as cArn_, who is also known for his Path of Exile races. He is joined by three other members in co-op gameplay, which was the secret to reaching level 100 easily. His other team members are now catching up to his level too.

Original article below:

A Diablo IV player has now already claimed the first character to reach level 100 at record speed just before the game’s official launch.

Diablo IV Hardcore Race Mechanics

Before the launch of Diablo IV early access, Blizzard announced that if players are able to reach level 100 on Hardcore mode, they will have their names written on the statue of Lilith at Blizzard Headquarters. This will be the first 1000 players only and after that, they will not be added to the list. This has given fans a rather difficult challenge since reaching level 100 on hardcore mode is no easy feat.

What Harcore is All About

Hardcore mode is a challenge where players have to play through the game without getting killed by tougher enemies and deadlier bosses. If they ever get killed, their characters will not get respawned and that is game over for that character. They will have to go back to the start and begin anew from level 1. So, you can see that this challenge is not achievable easily and will need a lot of skills and determination from players. One player has now claimed to achieve the same level requirement, but it is not what you think it is.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Rob2628 has recently shown on his stream that he is the first person to reach level 100 after grinding around 54 hours of playtime in three days. To reach this pinnacle level, he used one of the best Barbarian builds in the game where he focused on shout and whirlwind skills. However, he did use a known exploit to reach max level. Know though that this exploit is legal and there are no modifications used to do this.

The Exploit Used

The exploit involves a group of players that goes into a dungeon and lets the lead player exit the group. The dungeon would then reset and that gives the group the opportunity to raid it again. Rob and his party members would use this exploit to repeat the Champions Demise dungeon over and over, which gathers giant amounts of experience in the process. Unfortunately, according to the June 3, 2023 patch notes, this exploit has been removed now, so players who want to try the exploit are too bad.

While Rob’s character has reached level 100, he did not play this in hardcore mode. His playthrough did not count, so unfortunately this does not count. He will have to play in hardcore mode to get his name written in history.

Diablo IV is out now in early access and will be in full launch on June 6, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.