Diablo IV To Have Extensive Customization, Release Not Soon

Diablo IV Lilith

Game company Blizzard Entertainment recently announced upcoming action RPG sequel Diablo IV talking about new features and more.

Diablo IV extensive customization details

The gaming company stated that the customization of the game is at its core. It will come with extensive customization options including character hair and skin tones. Art director John Mueller proudly said that players could build the barbarian of their dreams with these customization options.

The options will go beyond character appearances as well. Players can use talent trees, ability points, and new skills and abilities to build the character that they want.

Game director Luis Barriga said that the customization will truly be an amazing treat for everyone. They will let everyone play the build that they are imagining for their build. The developers want players to play the build that they want.

Blizzard told a gaming publication that the devs are seeking inspiration from the Cthulhu mythology and the horror manga artist Junji Ito. They want to make the fourth iteration a dark game.

Lead artist Matt McDaid told the publication that the developers really loved Diablo II and it really resonate its dark element. They even consider it the true Diablo game and they want to try those tones again.

Lead quest designer Jason Roberts has this to say:

Junji Ito and some of the elements he brings in, kind of taking mundane things and twisting them, creating horror elements within that – then there’s the Cthulhu mythos and some of the horror elements there, especially the fear of the unknown.

Game will not be out soon, no offline mode

In other related news, Barriga revealed some interesting news after the game was recently announced at BlizzCon 2019. Players will have to wait for a long time before it will launch even though it is planned on current-generation platforms. He revealed that the game is still in early development and it willnot be out anytime soon.

Barriga stated:

A game of this scope takes time. This is a very, very early first step. We’re not coming out soon….not even Blizzard soon.

In another new information, lead designer Angela Del Priore has confirmed that the game will not support offline mode, but it can be played on solo. It will not require partying up. Players can play solo and dungeons are private. Campaign quest areas will remain private.

Console players can team up with friends via two-player local co-op. It will also support four-player parties with voice chat functionality.

Diablo IV will include a hardcore mode, and Blizzard is currently looking into the possibility of releasing post-launch expansions in the future.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here’s the epic trailer:

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