Diablo IV Devs Offers Clarification on Hardcore Race Detail

Don't worry, the contest will be fair for everyone.

Blizzard has recently made clarifications on the upcoming Diablo IV Hardcore Race detail.

Diablo IV Contest Sparks Worries of Big Fans

Diablo IV launch is just around the corner and fans are already clamoring for all the information they can get about the game including the upcoming new modes and events. One of those events is to celebrate players who have reached a certain level peak on a specific difficulty mode that would be difficult to accomplish for casual players. Unfortunately, this has now sparked a debate where players who have gotten their copies ahead of others might get a better advantage in this contest. The developers made clarifications to ease worries.

The event in question is the Hardcore Victories Contest which is a race where the first 1000 players to reach level 100 on Hardcore will get their names immortalized on a statue of Lilith on the Blizzard campus. That would be a great honor for big fans of the franchise as they would set their mark on a place that they might not ever set foot on, but at least their names will be there. Since this contest is a matter of time, this got some fans worried.

Unfair Advantage Worries Dispelled

Fans got worried that reviewers who got the game earlier than everyone else will get a higher advantage over those who will be playing on launch day. This led Blizzard to amend the rules of the contest to ensure it would be fair. The developers clarified that players who had access to the review copies and employees of Blizzard and their affiliates and their immediate family members and people living in the same households will not be able to join this event. Blizzard also has the right to disqualify anyone who attempts to attempt the offer if they discover other outliers that could give them an unfair advantage. Cheaters, beware!

Major Website Leads Charge

Maxroll, a major website, that writes guides for games had plans to join the contest and compete with others, but it declared that it will not be claiming any prizes should one of its players win. Some have praised the website for leading the charge and believe other sites would do the same too.

For players competing, good luck in getting to level 100 in Hardcore!

Diablo IV launches on June 6, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.