Diablo IV First Post-Launch Update Detailed

Here's your very first post-launch update.

Blizzard has now released its first Diablo IV post-launch update with patch notes.

Diablo IV Early Access is now available worldwide and so far, it has been a successful launch. It is only available for players who got Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the game. For those who only got the Standard Edition, they will have to wait a few days more, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Diablo IV’s Very First Post-Launch Update

After a successful launch, Blizzard released the very first update for Diablo IV, which changes two classes. It also makes changes to enemy health as well. This is only a server-side hotfix so there will be no downtime happening.

Big Post-Launch Update Highlights

Based on the patch notes, Sorcerer’s Flame Shield Enchantment and Rogue’s Inner Sight are notable changes. For the Flame Shield Enchantment, the Flame Shield will now be placed on full cooldown if it is initially equipped into an Enchantment slot. Inner Sight will have a 4-second delay before another enemy becomes marked if its unlimited Energy expires.

Full Patch Notes

Check out the full patch notes below:

Class Specialization

Flame Shield Enchantment

  • When Flame Shield is initially equipped into an Enchantment slot, it’s placed on full cooldown.

Class Specialization

Inner Sight

  • After Inner Sight’s unlimited Energy expires, there will be a 4 second delay before another enemy becomes marked.

Shout Skill Cooldown Reduction

  • This affix will no longer appear on items.


  • Monster health values have been increased in later World Tiers.

Diablo IV Early Access is now available today while the official launch day is on June 6, 2023. It is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S with cross-play and cross-progression for all platforms.