Diablo IV Horse Improvements Coming in Future Updates

Horse mounts finally getting the improvements they needed.

Blizzard reveals various improvements to horses in the video game Diablo IV.

Diablo IV has been criticized harshly recently by its critics and the gaming community due to its various issues that Blizzard had to host emergency livestreams to address the complaints. Among those complaints were about the mode of transportation in this game, horses.

Diablo IV Horse Mount Issues

Diablo IV’s mounts have been bombarded with criticism since the game’s launch due to many issues like being too slow, getting caught on things scattered in the environment, and having a very long cooldown on activation. It even takes too long to get a mount in the game, which comprises various story quests.

Promise of Change

While the requirement of getting a horse is not changing, Blizzard has promised the gaming community that they are working on improving the mounts. On livestream, the team said that they are going to improve the collision on the mounts which will help prevent the horse from getting caught on an object that would force them to stop in their tracks.

Later that day, Diablo Game Director Joe Shely posted on Twitter to confirm an additional improvement to the mount. He revealed that horses can charge break through barricades. With this change, it will be less frustrating for players to use mounts as they can easily burst through barriers that will appear on their way through the lands of Sanctuary.

Cooldowns Change

In another Twitter post, Shely agreed in response to a user’s request for another change for the mount. They requested that climbing or descending a ladder would reset the mount cooldown, which should be helpful. They agreed that it makes sense that there is a cooldown for the mount after fighting or using the dismount, but to dismount just to ascend a ladder and have cooldown is just annoying. It seems Blizzard will be changing this soon.

Diablo IV is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.