Diablo IV Licensing Error Happens Due to ‘Borrowing Games’

Blessed Mother knows you have friends let you play the game for free.

A new discovery reveals that the Diablo IV licensing error might be happening due to a popular technique that many players do especially if they have friends they can trust.

Diablo IV Licensing Error Grows Rampant

Diablo IV Early Access has been successful, no doubt about it, but only for PC players. They have not met game-breaking bugs and server issues during their time, which is great, but unluckily for console players, they have been plagued with this particular error: code 315306. This has a dialog box that says “Unable to find a valid license,” and would instantly disconnect the player from the game. No one knows why it is appearing, even Blizzard has no answer for this yet. It has appeared on console versions mostly but rarely on PC but it seems there is a source for this error to happen.

Our Theory: Borrowing from Others

According to one of our Sirus Gaming members, the cause for this error is from “borrowing” the digital game. It seems Blizzard knows that some players are letting their friends borrow their copies by letting them borrow their accounts and priming it on their consoles with the game. Afterward, they can just launch the game from their personal account while the game belongs to the original account owner.

Theory Proven

One of our resident members recreated this method with their friend, but once they tried to boot the game with their account, the error message appeared and booted them out. After their friend switched to the original owner’s account on the friend’s console and booted the game, it went ahead without issues. They were able to play the game flawlessly but with the original owner’s account only.

Not Definite Cause of Error But Might Be One

Note that this is one of the many working theories that many Diablo IV players have created. On our side, we have recreated this with our own accounts, but there could be other factors at work here. We cannot truly know which theory is true since Blizzard has not given any answers yet on what really makes this happen. Until then, we’ll have to wait for them to make the official announcement.

Diablo IV fully launches on June 6, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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