Diablo IV Makes $666 Million in Just a Few Days Claims Blizzard

Mother Lilith has just gotten the Devil's numbers in cash.

Blizzard claims that Diablo IV has generated a lot of millions in just a few days since its official launch.

Diablo IV Big Wins

Diablo IV has been quite successful recently and so far it has been with minimal incident only. Milestones surpassed by the game company, achievements acquired by players, and many more. This game has already gotten a lot of “wins” these days but now it has surpassed one big milestone that is quite unique.

Diablo IV Wins the “Devil’s” Numbers

On Diablo’s official Twitter account, it was confirmed that the game has now made $666 million in sales in just five days. Blizzard claims that it is now its fastest-selling title currently. It explains that the sales are based on both units and dollars sold on all platforms through the first five days after launch.

Aside from the big sales that the game made, Blizzard also shared player statistics for the game’s first week:

  • 276 billion monsters have been killed
  • Players have died 317 million times
  • 276 million hours have been played since early access
  • More than 166 million player parties have been created
  • The Butcher has caused 5.8 million deaths
  • 430,000 players have died in PvP battle

Still Trying to Reach Level 100

Many expert players have been trying their best to reach level 100 in order to join the very first 1000 players of that level on Hardcore difficulty. Only a few have reached those levels and even one of them has already died. They will now have to go back to level 1 to reach the same level again.

More players in hardcore mode might reach the same level again, but that will take a long time, especially with how good the game’s difficulty level is.

Diablo IV is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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