Diablo IV Players Given Stark Warning After Cheating Discovery

Blizzard: We know it's you TurboHUD4!

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Blizzard gives a stern warning to Diablo IV players after the developers discovered some individuals cheating in the game.

Diablo IV Players Warned on Cheating

Diablo Community Chief Adam Fletcher recently posted on the Blizzard forums to warn players of cheating. He made it clear the developer’s position on unauthorized modifications, which have been used for cheating. He called out one software called TurboHUD4 which was widely used in the gaming community. A few hardcore players have been using it against the outer edges of Diablo IV’s endgame.

Blizzard Statement

Here’s Blizzard’s statement:

“We are committed to keeping the world of Sanctuary a safe and fair place for all players, and our Game Security team constantly monitors for cheats and unauthorized modifications.

“All Diablo 4 players agree to the Blizzard EULA as a condition of playing the game. The Blizzard EULA explicitly prohibits cheating, bots, hacks, and any other unauthorized software which automates, modifies, or otherwise interferes with the game. This is important to players’ security as well as the game’s long-term integrity.

“With that in mind, we want to make it clear that TurboHUD4, like any game-modifying software, is prohibited for use with Diablo 4. Players who install this kind of software will put their accounts at risk for disciplinary action, which can include permanent suspension.

“Thank you to our players for helping to keep Sanctuary fair for all.”

Blizzard Allows Add-Ons on Other Games

The statement that Blizzard released is interesting since the company has allowed add-ons in other games like World of Warcraft. TurboHUD4 has also been around for years and was used on Diablo 3 to boost player’s gameplay. On its official website, it is a customizable overlay that can be used on various online games and recently on Diablo IV. It allows players to make changes to the world map, add aspect names to the character sheet, and configure plugins. It can even be used to reveal maps, add a missed items counter on the screen, and add a resource counter.

Diablo IV is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.