Diablo IV Season of the Malignant Announced

A new corruption, new enemies to fight, all in Sanctuary.

Blizzard has finally announced Diablo IV Season of the Malignant with new details.

Diablo IV Season of the Malignant Begins Soon

Season 1 of Diablo IV has finally been revealed by Blizzard in the recent Developer Update video. The new season will start on July 20, 2023 and will introduce a new questline, power, boss battle, and new gear.

About Season of the Malignant

Season of the Malignant will introduce a new form of Lilith’s corruption which has spread throughout Sanctuary. It has created the Malignant Monsters that have now roamed the land overtaken with infectious turmoil, minds lost and killing at random. Players are tasked to fight back and harness the power of this twisted corruption to uncover the source of the Malignance and put an end to it.


Here are the features of Season of the Malignant:

New Questline – Sanctuary has been corrupted, overtaken with an infectious turmoil creating abominations that roam freely. But who is to blame for this new wave of corruption? Partner with Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light, to discover the source and stop the spread of the Malignant at all costs.

New Power – Players who defeat the corrupted enemies will be able to harness their Malignant Hearts. There are over 30 new Malignant Powers to wield.

New Boss Battle – Explore the Malignant Tunnels in order to search for the source of the corruption. Fight against Varshan the Consumed to know the secrets of the Malignant.

New Gear – There are six new Unique items to discover and seven Legendary aspects to earn.

Season Journey Rewards

Players can unlock awesome rewards by progressing through chapters of the Season Journey and tiers of the free Seasonal Battle Pass. This will be available across all Seasonal Realm characters.

Season Journey – Complete the chapters to earn rewards including Legendary aspects, Mastery Title, and Scroll of Amnesia which provides a free Skill Tree and Paragon Board reset. Earn favor toward the Battel Pass along the way.

Season Blessings – Use Smoldering Ashes that are earned via Battle Pas to upgrade all season characters with increased XP gains, better chances for rare materials when salvaging items, and more.

Seasonal Title – Eldritch Monster title can be earned and many more.

Clothing and Weapon Transmogs – Collect a weapon transmog for each of Diablo’s five classes and Artisan’s clothing that’s designed to be mixed and matched with other armor set to create a unique look for their characters.

Premium Rewards

There are various premium rewards to earn like the Coldiron Armor Set, Warded Mustang Mount, Coldiron Barding Mount Armor, Weapon Skins, Mount Trophies, Emotes, Platinum, On the Warpath Emote, and more.

Three Versions of Battle Pass

There are three versions of the Battle Pass which are the Free Battle Pass, Premium Battle Pass, and Accelerated Battle Pass.

Diablo IV is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.