Diablo IV Surprisingly Has the Smoothest Launch So Far

Mother Lilith is happy of your great success!

Diablo 4 Lilith

Blizzard has successfully launched Diablo IV with almost no issues across all available platforms.

Diablo IV Fans Brace for Impact

Just recently, Blizzard officially launched Diablo IV early access for players who have purchased the Ultimate and Digital Deluxe editions of the game. The gaming community was bracing for the “millions” of complaints that might appear online due to server issues. Blizzard’s recent franchise entries have a rather bad reputation during launch so everyone was worried it would be another repeat of what happened years ago like with Diablo III and Diablo Immortal on Day One.

We feel you Ned

And Nothing Happened

You could almost imagine a person bracing for Diablo IV Early Access’ day one surge of complaints. And the day went on. There were no violent reactions from the community, which surprised everyone instead. Day one actually went through smoothly for Diablo IV!

Record Time Log In

As proven by our resident Sirus Gaming elites, they have logged in, queued, and played in their respective regions easily and smoothly. All in 30 seconds record time without any pause or lag moments. They have been playing the game since morning and just ended their session this evening without trouble and when I asked them to log in again, they were able to get in easily. This was in the Americas region and playing on PC.

A Few Snags

It does not mean day one was perfect though. Sure, it was smooth sailing for both PC and Xbox platforms, but unfortunately, the PlayStation side hit a snag. Players encountered an error that did not let them get access to the game stating that their consoles could not find the license for the game for some reason. No worries, it is an issue on the PlayStation side and Blizzard is not at fault. Players are getting desperate though as they use a “costly” workaround just to play the game. Some PC players also reported they could not log in for a while, but when they restarted to log in again, the wait was gone.

Day One Success

Other than that, Diablo IV launch was a success. For Early Access though. But when June 6, 2023 hits, there could be some server lag and long queues, but those could be shorter lines now compared to previous titles because that took forever to log in.

Happy playing Diablo IV fans!