Digital PSP Games Are Here to Stay via PS3 and Vita Stores

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment has clarified about the digital PSP games and what will happen to them.

According to a post on the official website, SIE notified their customers that the PSP store has been shut down, but its digital games can still be accessed. It will not be via the closed store, but via another method.

The PSP content that players have already bought can still be downloaded via the Download List on the device. It will still download and will not be blocked. The purchases will not go to waste.

Fans who still want to buy the digital PSP titles can still get them via PS3 and PS Vita stores. It can be searched there, but the PSP store will be shut down. The two console systems can play PSP games, so it is still a good way to enjoy classic titles.

Source: ResetEra