Dislyte Tier List – Best Espers Ranked (June 2022)

Learn the best Espers in Dislyte worth getting.

Dislyte Tier List Featured

People are always looking for the best characters in the game which is why we made this Dislyte Tier List to rank which Espers are the cream of the crop. There are certain Espers in the game that are clearly better than others. Learn to build the best team by knowing who to bring into your party in Dislyte.

Dislyte Tier List – All Espers Ranked




Clara, Lewis, Sally, Gabrielle, Ye Suhua, Donar


Tiye, Lucas, Unas, Raven, Narmer, Cecilia, Sander, Melanie, Lauren, Hyde


Bonnie, Donar, Jin Yuyao, Tang Xuan, Biondina, Asenath, Sienna, Frabrice, Mona, Luo Yan, Catherine, Chloe, Long Mian, Ren Si, Unky Chai, Chalmers, Freddie


Trevor, Triki, Eria, Lu Yi, Jacob, Celine, Lynn, Jacob, Xie Chuyi, Xie Yuzhi, Chang Pu, Dhalia, Brynn, Drew, Li Ao, Q, David, Tang Yun, Jeanne


Taylor, Bardon, Arcana, Falken, Prtizker, Heng Yue, Bernice, Hall, Liulu


Kara, Alexa, Jiang Man, Kaylee, Zelma, Leon, Layla, Helena

It’s always important to know who are the best picks for your team in Dislyte. You’ll be spending a lot of time grinding to level them up. You’re better off focusing on characters who will give you a bang for your buck.

Dislyte Tier List Definitions

We’ve separated Espers to different tier branches ranging from SS being the highest to D being the lowest. Here’s what they mean:

  • SS-tier: The best of the best and get be very hard to get.
  • S-tier: The best Espers you should try to get as soon as possible.
  • A-tier: Great Espers who are worth getting but are overshadowed by the top.
  • B-tier: Decent Espers but are usually held back by some flaw.
  • C-tier: Average Espers who don’t really excel at anything but have no major flaws.
  • D-tier: Lackluster Espers who’s versatility pale in comparison to the above.

We’ve given more reasons as to why we picked the best in our Dislyte tier list. Keep reading for more info.

SS-Tier Espers – The Best Characters in Dislyte

Clara - Dislyte Tier List


Clara is an Esper who is excels from beginning to the end levels of the game which earns her her spot at the top of the Dislyte tier list. She is an amazing support Esper that can heal allies, grant buff, and dispel debuff your whole team. It doesn’t take much to make her shine either. She’s a boon for any team and is hands down the best healer in the game.

Clara Buffs

  • Buffs: AP Up, Healing, Immunity, Shield
  • Captain Ability: Increases Ally DEF in Point War by 40%.

Clara Skills

  • Queen’s Blessing: Attacks an enemy twice, dealing total damage equal to 90% of ATK. Heals 2 allies with the lowest HP for 5% of their max HP. Attacks an enemy twice, dealing total damage equal to 110% of ATK. Heals 2 allies with the lowest HP for 5% of their max HP.
  • Queen’s Protection: Removes 2 debuffs when granting Healing Efficacy to any ally or grants Immunity for 1 extra turn if the target has no debuffs. At the same time, 120% of overflow healing is converted into a Shield for 2 turns.
  • Hymn of Life: Boosts team-wide AP by 20% and recovers 35% max HP. 4 turn cooldown.
Lewis - Dislyte Tier List


Lewis can be a glass cannon especially if you’re not paying attention to his health, but he sacrifices health for attack damage making him an aggressive berserker. Make sure to pair Lewis up with a healer or else he can go down pretty easily. For offensive characters, he’s one of the best picks due to his high ATK damage in this Dislyte tier list.

Lewis Buffs

  • Captain Ability: Increases ally C. RATE by 20%.

Lewis Skills

  • Iron Fish: Deals damage to a target equal to 100% of ATK, and converts 50% of damage dealt in this attack to healing. If a critical hit is triggered, then AP increases by 20%.
  • Flames of Fury: Gains a C. RATE Up buff for 2 turns and damages a target for 180% of ATK. Gains a bonus turn if a crit is triggered. 4 turn cooldown.
  • Fire Palm: Attacks a target three times, dealing total damage equal to 260% of ATK plus 6% for every 10% HP lost. All ability cooldowns are reduced by 1 turn if this attack slays the target. 4 turn cooldown.
Sally - Dislyte Tier List


Sally is one of the best healers in the game if you’re looking for an alternative from Clara. She can provide defensive buff, remove debuffs, and even increase the attack power of her allies making her quite a competitive pick. Sally just trails a bit behind Clara as her Resist buff isn’t as useful as a Defense buff.

Sally Buffs

  • Buffs: ATK Up, Healing, Immunity, Reduce Damage
  • Captain Ability: All allied Espers’ RESIST increases 40%.

Sally Skills

  • Light Call: Attacks an enemy three times, each dealing damage equal to 45% of ATK. Has a(n) 60% chance of granting Immunity for 2 turns.
  • Universal: Dispels debuffs from all allied Espers, evens out the HP of each ally, and grants the entire team ATK Up for 2 turns. 3 turn cooldown.
  • Ode to Joy: Enters the Sweet Harvest state for 2 turns. Each time before a teammate takes action, dispels a debuff on them and heals them for 26% of their max HP. 4 turn cooldown.
Gabrielle - Dislyte Tier List


Gabrielle is a great support Esper who can buff your team and debuff the enemy team making her a great pick for PVP combat. She’s great for supporting your team if you need a support Esper that doesn’t necessarily heal. An excellent pick for this Dislyte tier list.

Gabrielle Buffs

  • Buffs: DEF Up, Immunity
  • Captain Ability: All allied Espers’ HP increases 30%.

Gabrielle Debuffs

  • Debuffs: ATK Down, DEF Down

Gabrielle Skills

  • Wavebreaker: Deals damage to a target equal to 140% of ATK, plus an additional 0.45% of ATK per point of SPD.
  • Broadside: Attacks all enemies three times, dealing total damage equal to 80% of ATK. Each hit has a(n) 50% chance of inflicting DEF Down for 2 turns. 3 turn cooldown.
  • Rush: Blesses all allied Espers with DEF Up for 2 turns and deals damage to all enemies equal to 90% of ATK with an added ATK Down debuff for 2 turns.
Ye Suhua - Dislyte Tier List

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is a great support Esper notable for her ability to shield an ally with Invincibility allowing them to survive a turn. It’s a life saving ability especially if your attacker is on low health. A good pick for a support Esper in our Dislyte tier list.

Ye Suhua Buffs

  • Buffs: ATK Up, DEF Up, Invincibility, Recovery

Ye Suhua Debuffs

  • Debuffs: ATK Down

Ye Suhua Skills

  • Stardust: Deals damage equal to 130% of ATK to an enemy with a 70% chance of inflicting ATK Down for 2 turns.
  • Astral Guardian: Heals a teammate for 30% of their max HP, granting them Invincibility and Recovery for 1 turn. If the teammate has less than 50% HP, grants an extra Recovery buff for 1 turn. 3 turn cooldown.
  • Star Dancer: Grants ATK Up and DEF Up to all allied Espers for 2 turns. 3 turn cooldown.
Donar - Dislyte Tier List


Donar is a hard hitting DPS Esper who can sacrifice his DEF for more damage. It can be a bit of a risky gamble, but Donar can wipe out any opposition with his strong heavy damage to all enemies. Donar can quickly regain back his lost DEF anyway after inflicting an enemy with a brutal attack. A great Esper for taking on crowds and farming in this Dislyte tier list.

Donar Buffs

  • Buffs: DEF Up, Immunity
  • Captain Ability: All allied Espers’ DEF increases 30%.

Donar Debuffs

  • Debuff: ATK Down

Donar Skills

  • Upward Lightning: Deals damage to an enemy equal to 30% of ATK plus 70% of DEF with a 75% chance of inflicting, ATK Down for 2 turns.
  • Thundercrack: Enters Conductor Mode for 1 turn upon the end of each turn and deals damage equal to 110% of DEF to all enemies at the beginning of the next turn. 1 stack, of Thunder Blessing is applied when attacked while Conductor Mode is active. Immobilization removes Conductor Mode. When an active ability triggers a Crit, reduces the cooldown on Thundercrack by 1 turn. 3 turn cooldown.
  • Explosions in the Sky: Deals damage to an enemy equal to 80% of ATK plus 140% of DEF. Grants DEF Up and Immunity for 2 turns. 4 turn cooldown.

How to Get New Espers in Dislyte?

You have to roll for new Espers in Dislyte. It’s a gacha game so you have to put forward real world money if you want to get the best Espers.

At the beginning of Dislyte, you’ll get 10 free rerolls. If you’re not satisfied with the Espers you got from those, you can take advantage of a technique to infinitely reroll your characters at the start of the game. Simply select Initialize Account under the Dislyte Account Service.

Dislyte Tier List separator

That’s our Dislyte Tier List! We hope this article helped you learn who the best Espers in the game. You’ll have to spend some time grinding for them to reach higher levels so you need to know who’s worth your time.

Some of the Espers in Dislyte can be quite expensive to get. If you’re looking to be frugal, then Volkin from Youtube has a Dislyte tier list of the best free Espers in the game.