Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap: Multiplayer, New Characters & More

New characters, multiplayer, and more are all on the horizon with the 2023 roadmap.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 Roadmap - Multiplayer, New Characters & More

Gameloft’s vision for Disney Dreamlight Valley in 2023 includes more fan-favorite characters, promising new features, and even more thrilling additions such as new realms and stories to tell. but what exactly these will be remains to be seen. Read on; we’ve got you covered.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Early 2023 Roadmap

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s official website has released a 2023 roadmap. This outlines the new features that will be implemented in the game in the near future, but what are these patches and what do they entail?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Early 2023 Roadmap

Febuary 2023 Update

  • New Character: Mirabel from Encanto
  • New Character: Olaf from Frozen
  • New Star Path: Disney’s 100th anniversary
  • Secrets of the Frosted Heights Biome

Two new villagers, Mirabel from Encanto and Olaf from Frozen, will be added to the game in the month of February. The phrase “learn the secrets of the Frosted Heights biome” suggests that we should expect additional quests centered on the Valley itself to provide more insight about the Forgetting. Disney’s 100th anniversary will be commemorated at the February Star Path event as well.

April 2023 Update

  • New Character: Simba from Lion King
  • Star Path: Disney Parks
  • More New Characters (TBD)
  • New Realm & more surprises

The April announcement shows a picture of Simba from The Lion King, hints at a new realm, new characters, and more surprises, and states that April’s Star Path will be celebrating Disney Parks. We have no idea what this means, but I guess we’re prepared.

Early Summer 2023 Update

  • New Star Path (TBD)
  • Secrets of The Forgetting – New Storyline that will probably take place in the Forgotten Lands
  • New Princess Character – Probably Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph

The mysterious “Forgetting” version of the player is shown in front of the player’s pumpkin house in the Forgotten Lands biome in the teaser for the early summer update. Players have debated and speculated over which character might be moving into this house, making it a popular topic of conversation in the community.

Among the characters who could be added in this update, only one makes any sense based on the cryptic teasers that have been released so far. The 2023 roadmap adds, “a princess races into the valley,” which seems to be a reference to Vanellope Von Schweets, the film’s racing princess and the heroine of Wreck-It Ralph.

Other Upcoming Free Updates in 2023

  • Multiplayer
  • More New characters
  • New Realms
  • New Clothing and Motifs
  • New Furniture and Decorations

Multiplayer, along with the rest of this year’s scheduled content updates (including new clothes and furniture), is something to look forward to. Additional optimization of the recipe and inventory systems, as well as sprinklers to help water your crops, are among the bug fixes and quality of life updates that have been released.

We'll make sure to update this guide as soon as more updates become available.

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