Disney Dreamlight Valley: Escape Claws Quest Guide

Escape Claws is the first of the Monsters, Inc. realm questlines. Here's how players can complete it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been a magical place for players to explore, filled with quests, adventures, and beloved Disney characters. Among its many exciting updates, “The Laugh Floor” has introduced a Monsters, Inc. themed quest named “Escape Claws.” This quest not only offers a fun trip but also paves the way for inviting two iconic characters, Mike and Sully, into your Dreamlight Valley village. Here’s a full walkthrough on how to unlock and complete the “Escape Claws” quest.

How to Unlock the “Escape Claws” Quest

How to Unlock the Escape Claws Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can start the “Escape Claws” quest, you need to have the “The Laugh Floor” update installed, which was released on February 28, 2024. This update is crucial as it introduces the Monsters Inc. Realm to the game.

To access the Monsters Inc. Realm, players are required to spend 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock it within the Dream Castle. Once unlocked, this realm can be visited anytime, and the first Realm Quest “Escape Claws” will automatically start.

“Escape Claws” Quest Walkthrough

1. Getting Into Character

Equip Monster Disguise Outfit from Locker - Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Walkthrough

Upon entering the Monsters Inc. Realm, your first task involves blending in to access the Laugh Floor. Locate the storage near the realm’s entrance to find a clothes bag containing the Monsters Inc. Hard Hat and two sets of Monster Ears. Equip these items along with any Fantasy Skin Tones and Contact Lenses from “The Laugh Floor” update to perfect your monster disguise. Remember to take a selfie in your disguise as proof of your transformation.

Monster Employee Disguise Outfit Selfie - Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Walkthrough

Once done, open the door entrance to the Laugh Floor and approach Sully to start your series of internship duties.

2. Laugh Floor Clean-Up Duty

How to Clean Party Trash & Slug Slime Puddles - Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Walkthrough

Sully needs your help tidying up the Laugh Floor. Your objectives include removing eight pieces of Party Trash and cleaning up four puddles of Slug Slime. To do this, go near the pile of cans and you will see a prompt to remove them. Meanwhile, slug slime puddles can be removed using your magic Watering Can.

Once done, head back and talk to Sully for your next internship objectives.

3. Mike and Sully’s Coffee Recipe

Next, you’ll prepare coffee for Mike and Sully. Find the coffee station along with the ingredients and machine in the reception area by the entrance, beside the Snack Machines.

Here’s how to make Mike and Sully’s Coffee Recipe:

  • The Wazowski Special: Coffee Bean x1, Sugar x3, Non-dairy Screamer x1
  • Sulley’s Coffee: Coffee Bean x5
Tip: Interact with the glowing paper on the bulletin board behind the coffee station for a list of Coffee Order recipes for Mike and Sulley, as well as other employees.

After collecting the required ingredients, make both recipes using the coffee machine and deliver them back to Mike Wazowski.

4. Finding the Emergency Manual

Emergency Manual Location - Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Walkthrough

An unexpected issue traps Mike in the human world. Sulley then tasks you to locate the Emergency Manual. You can find it on the second desk within the Laugh Floor from the entrance. Pick up the manual and give it to Sulley afterwards.

5. Restoring Power to the Electrical Panel

Your objective is to locate and replace three broken fuses found around the Laugh Floor and fix the Power Lines by reconnecting them and moving obstacles as necessary. This restores power, enabling Mike’s return from the human world.

Laugh Floor Fuses - Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Walkthrough

Start with finding all 3 fuses within the Laugh Floor:

  • Fuse 1 Location: on the first blue desk near the entrance.
  • Fuse 2 Location: on the fourth blue desk/second to the last desk opposite to the entrance.
  • Fuse 3 Location: on a red cabinet beside a TV, which can be found to the far left corner of the room.

After collecting all three fuses, insert them back into the electrical panel where Sulley is standing, and you’ll gain access to reconnecting the power lines.

Connect the Power Lines - Disney Dreamlight Valley Escape Claws Quest Walkthrough

To fix the power lines, follow along the black wires connected to the electrical panel and simply interact with the yellow sparkling plugs on the floor to connect them back together. You’ll have to move the containers out of the way in order to gain access to some of the plugs. Repeat the process, and this will eventually trigger a cutscene where Mike successfully returns back to the Laugh Floor.

With the immediate crisis averted, it’s time to reveal your true identity to Sully and invite him and Mike to join your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This completes the “Escape Claws” and automatically starts the “Eye on the Prize” quest, bringing you one step closer to welcoming Mike and Sully into your village.