Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fish Tacos Recipe Guide

Learn how to make Fish Tacos and find out where to get each of its ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley using this guide.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Tacos Recipe Guide

The Fish Tacos recipe is one of the various 4-Star entrées you can make in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Eating it is a good way to restore some energy and may boost friendship levels; however, obtaining its ingredients will require you to progress through certain friendship quests with a specific Disney character, unlock stalls in different biomes, and do a bit of foraging.

How to Make Fish Tacos in Dreamlight Valley

In order to make Fish Tacos in Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock its recipe in your cookbook, you’ll need to gather the following ingredients:

  • 1x Any Fish
  • 1x Corn
  • 1x Chili Pepper
  • 1x Cheese
How to Make Fish Tacos in Dreamlight Valley

After collecting all the ingredients needed, you can now make Fish Tacos on any cooking station placed anywhere within the valley. Simply throw in the correct ingredients that are listed above into the pot, no more, no less, and you’ll get what you need. Remember that 1 coal is required each time you start cooking.

How to Get Fish Tacos Ingredients in Dreamlight Valley

Here’s how to get the ingredients needed for the Fish Tacos recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Any Fish: can be obtained through fishing in different water areas all around the valley in any biome using your fishing rod.
  • Corn: can be obtained from Goofy’s Stall, located in Dazzle Beach.
  • Chili Pepper: can be obtained from Goofy’s Stall, located in Sunlit Plateau.
  • Cheese: can be obtained from Chez Remy; purchasable after you unlock Remy and rebuild his restaurant.

That’s how to make Fish Tacos in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Be sure to check out our complete recipe guide to round up your collection of meals in your cookbook.