How to Unlock Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Get the best chef to join your village.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Remy cover

Remy is the culinary genius and is the star of the hit movie Ratatouille. He is also one of the characters that players can invite into their own village in Disney Dreamlight Valley as their own resident chef. Remy was once a resident of Dreamlight Valley, however ever since the Forgetting happened, he got whisked away from the valley and he started a new life with his own restaurant in a different realm.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to unlock Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pre-requisites to unlock Remy

Before you can unlock Remy and the rest of the other Disney characters, you must first gain access to the Dream Castle. In order to do this, you will have to progress through Merlin’s quests until you unlock The Dream Castle quest where you have to remove the Night Thorns that block the castle’s entrance.

Once the Night Thorns have been removed, you can then enter the castle where you will see the first three Realm Doors which are still covered by the thorns. To unlock Remy first, you must choose the option to visit “a restaurant with a great little chef” which will take you to his realm. Alternatively, you can opt to unlock the other two characters first, which will require 3,000 Dreamlight shards each.

How to unlock Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you arrive in Remy’s lair, you will find him busy in his kitchen. In order to convince him to go back to the valley with you, you must help him in the kitchen and create different dishes to satisfy his guests.

Step 1: Clean the dirty dishes

Find three crates that are full of dishes in the kitchen and clean them using your watering can.

Step 2: Cook a fish dish

Next, Remy will ask you to prepare a dish that has fish as one of its ingredients. The dish doesn’t have to be fancy, and you can get all the ingredients that you need from the shelves inside the kitchen. You can just grab the Rainbow Trout from the shelf and use it to prepare Grilled Fish over at the cooking station.

Step 3: Prepare a fruit dish

The next dish requires a piece of fruit. You can grab any of the fruits on the shelves and use the cooking station to prepare a Fruit Salad which only requires one fruit.

Step 4: Make a Hearty Salad or Bell Pepper Puffs

Next, you will have to make either a Hearty Salad or some Bell Pepper Puffs. Either dish will do, and here are their recipes:

  • Hearty Salad
    • x1 Lettuce
    • x2 Any Vegetable
  • Bell Pepper Puffs
    • x1 Bell Pepper
    • x1 Egg
    • x1 Cheese

Step 5: Prepare a Margherita Pizza or a Vegetable Casserole

Remy will then ask you to choose if you want to prepare a Pizza Margherita (Margherita Pizza) or a Vegetable Casserole. Choose either one and then look for the cookbook on one of the counters for its recipe. Here are their recipes:

  • Margherita Pizza
    • x1 Tomato
    • x1 Cheese
    • x1 Wheat
    • x1 Any Spice
  • Vegetable Casserole
    • x1 Cheese
    • x2 Any Vegetable
    • x1 Any Spice

Step 6: Bake an Apple Pie

The next dish is an Apple Pie, and Remy will only give you one ingredient as a hint, which is butter. Luckily, you only need to know two more ingredients and there’s definitely apple in the pie. The third ingredient is wheat which is needed in most baked goods.

  • Apple Pie
    • x1 Apple
    • x1 Wheat
    • x1 Butter

Step 7: Prepare a Ranch Salad

Next, you will need to prepare a Ranch Salad and then serve it through the serving hatch. Talk to Remy once more after getting this request to get the entire recipe for the salad, which is:

  • Ranch Salad
    • x1 Lettuce
    • x1 Tomato
    • x1 Corn
    • x1 Bell Pepper
    • x1 Onion

Step 8: Make a Ratatouille

Finally, the last dish that you will have to make is the famous Ratatouille. Remy is a bit cryptic with the recipe to his signature dish, but if you have looked closely at how he prepared the dish in the movie, you will know what goes in it. No need to rewatch the movie as we got the recipe right here:

  • Ratatouille
    • x1 Tomato
    • x3 Any Vegetable
    • x1 Any Spice

Don’t forget to serve the dish through the serving hatch, too.

Step 9: Place Remy’s house in the Village

After making the final dish, talk to Remy and he will be convinced to travel back with you to the village, but only if he has a place to stay in it. Head back to the village and find a good place where you want to place Remy’s house. Then, open up the Furniture menu where you will find Remy’s house under his icon. Place the house on a clear space, then use the sign in front to talk to Scrooge for its construction which will cost 2,000 coins. Then talk to Remy to complete the entire quest.

Friendship with Remy

After Remy has settled in the village, you can then build your friendship with him through his quests. You can also assign him with any role from the five roles once you reach level 2 in friendship with him.

Befriending Remy will also allow you to renovate Chez Remy which is the village’s restaurant. In this restaurant, you can purchase other ingredients such as milk, cheese, and butter. You can also get Remy’s help in discovering new dish recipes by using his kitchen. The restaurant’s fridge will also allow you to access all your ingredient stock without having to fill up your personal inventory.

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