Forgotten Memories: Friendship Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will go through Disney Dreamlight Valley's Forgotten Memories: Friendship quest, outlining all the steps you need to take to complete each objective.

Forgotten Memories Friendship Quest Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Forgotten Memories: Friendship is the second quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you’ll have to take on as part of The Fairy Godmother’s series of story quests. This continues your journey to finding The Forgotten’s memory of friendship, which is needed to power up the Orb of Remembrance in Dreamscape.

Finding ugly flowers and rotten ingredients may prove challenging during your playthrough, but don’t fret. This guide will give you a full walkthrough of the Fairy Godmother’s Forgotten Memories: Friendship Story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so read on.

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Forgotten Memories: Friendship Quest Walkthrough

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After collecting the first 3 memory orbs (love, courage, and power) within Dreamscape, you’ll notice that there are still 3 more missing orbs. Go and talk to the Fairy Godmother, and she’ll open up the gateway that contains the Forgotten’s lost memory of friendship.

Go through the gateway for your next objective, which will take place in the Peaceful Meadow.

Pick up Ugly Flowers to make a Hideous Bouquet

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Find and talk to Mickey, and he’ll then task you to pick 5 Ugly Flowers, which can be seen as purple glittering dried flowers scattered on the ground within the area.

With all the ugly flowers on hand, head to the crafting station by Goofy’s house and make a Hideous Bouquet. This can be found under the Funcional Items in the Crafting Menu. Once done, deliver the bouquet to Minnie, who’s standing near the pillar, and listen to her thoughts on it.

After that, return to Mickey for a short conversation, then go find Goofy by the large pond at the back of his house for the next objective.

Pick up Rotten Ingredients to make a Nasty Bouillabaisse

Following your talk with Goofy, he’ll offer you one shrimp, and you’ll have to go out and gather the other ingredients for a bouillabaisse so you can both eat together. But instead of grabbing it straight from the cooking menu, you’ll need to find rotten ingredients that are scattered throughout the area.

Here’s where to find the rotten carrot, rotten tomato, and rotten clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Forgotten Memories Friendship Quest:

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  • The Rotten Carrot is found behind Goofy’s house (backyard), near the crafting station.
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  • The Rotten Tomato is found behind Mickey, hidden between two barrels and a lamp post.
  • The first Rotten Clam is found behind Goofy’s house, next to a tree by the large pond.
  • The second Rotten Clam is by the small pond adjacent to Goofy’s house, to the right of Mickey.

Once you’re done collecting, head to the cooking station near where Goofy is standing. Put all the rotten ingredients into the pot along with the shrimp that Goofy gave you earlier to make a Nasty Bouillabaisse. Once done, give it to Goofy and see his reaction.

Talk to Minnie and collect the Memory of Friendship

Now, all that’s left is to have a conversation with Minnie. This will trigger a cutscene afterwards, and you’ll be sent back to Dreamscape.

Collect the Memory of Friendship from the pedestal and talk to the Fairy Godmother to complete the Forgotten Memories: Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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