Into The West Wing Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide will walk you through all the steps needed to complete the "Into The West Wing" quest in the Beauty and the Beast realm.

Into The West Wing Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you enter the realm of Beauty and the Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your first quest will take you Into the West Wing. This will have players explore and unlock passages around the castle, which also involves finding parts and materials necessary to progress through each unique objective, eventually solving Belle and the Beast’s conflict.

Read ahead for a full walkthrough on how to complete the “Into The West Wing” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Into The West Wing Quest Walkthrough

To begin the “Into the West Wing!” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, head inside the Dream Castle and unlock the Beauty and the Beast realm for 12,500 Dreamlights. Once unlocked, the quest will automatically start.

Beauty and the Beast Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Follow the Flying Book

Upon entering the Beauty and the Beast Realm, run straight ahead, where you’ll spot a flying book on top of the stairs. Go near it, and it will then task you to follow it. The flying book will eventually lead you to the castle’s library, where Belle is. A short cutscene will trigger once you get there and automatically start a conversation with Belle.

Catch 5 flying books

After the conversation, you need to help Belle catch five flying books (glittering in gold) within the room. These books move around randomly, and you might have a hard time if you’re not fast enough. To catch these books quickly, chase them at a certain distance, and once you’re close enough, quickly spam your button (depending on what platform you’re playing) to pick them up.

Find a secret passage within the Library

Now, your task is to put the remaining flying books back on their shelves, but you must first search the library for a secret passage that directly leads into the west wing.

The secret passage can be accessed through a ladder that’s located on the left side of the fireplace. However, you’ll need to fix the ladder first by finding 6 missing parts that are scattered across the library.

Here’s where to find all 6 parts fo fix the broken ladder in the library:

  • Pick up 1 Broken Ladder Step and 1 of the Ladder’s Missing Wheel on the floor, by the Tea cart.
  • Pick up 1 Broken Ladder Step on the brown table behind Belle.
  • Pick up 1 Broken Ladder Step behind the long green chair, in front of the fireplace.
  • Pick up 1 Broken Ladder Step next to the pile of woods, to the right of the fireplace.
  • Pick up Pick up 1 of the Ladder’s Missing Wheel on the brown table with a phonograph and a pile of books to the left side of the room.

Now, interact with the broken ladder and put all 6 missing parts together. This will trigger a cutscene and reveal the secret passage in the library. Talk to Belle after opening the passage.

Into the West Wing Disney Dreamlight Valley

Belle will insist on staying while you go see the beast. But due to the prince being upset and all, you’ll have to find certain materials throughout the realm and equip a costume that Belle will tailor herself so that you won’t get chewed on.

Find materials to make a disguise

Here’s where you can find all the materials needed for making a disguise that could trick the beast:

  • 4 Castle Candles
    • The first Castle Candle can be found on top of the barrel located by the secret passage entrance.
    • The second Castle candle can be found on the table with a golden pot inside the library, in front of the pile of woods.
    • The third Castle candle can be found within the garden maze outside the castle. As you reach the garden entrance, head down the stairs and turn left. You’ll see the candle on top of a table next to a tool rack.
    • The last Castle candle can be found by the realm entrance, on a table near the Piano.
  • 1 Castle Candle Holder – The Castle Candle Holder can be found sitting on a chair next to the Big Lion Statue, near the first set of stairs where you saw the Golden Flying Book.
  • 1 Golden Curtain – The golden curtain can be found on the table with a phonograph inside the library, where you got the Ladder Wheel.

Once done, bring all the materials you’ve gathered back to Belle, and she’ll sew a costume for you. Now, open your wardrobe and put on the Candlestick Disguise and Candle Hat.

Into the West Wing Lumiere Costume in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After equipping the Lumiere Candlestick costume, go inside the secret passage, climb the stairs, and interact with the red curtain. This will grant you access to the castle’s west wing, where the Beast Prince is. Talk to Beast, then talk to Belle once again. This explains the story about Belle and the Prince’s misunderstanding; the rest is up to you to find out.

Craft the Enchanted Canvas

After Belle’s conversation, head back to Dreamlight valley and talk to Merlin. This time, you’ll have to gather the following materials to make an Enchanted Canvas:

  • 12 Softwood – The fastest way to get softwood is by digging up tree stumps, which can usually be found in Forest of Valor.
  • 8 Fiber – Can be crafted using Seaweed.
  • 4 Dream Shard – can be obtained by digging up glittering mounds all around the valley.
  • 3 White Daisy – can be foraged in the Peaceful Meadow.
  • 2 Garnet – can be mined from mineral rocks in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
Craft the Enchanted Canvas - Into the West Wing Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

After collecting all the necessary materials, go to any crafting station and make the Enchanted Canvas, which can be found under the Functional Items Menu. Once done, head back to the Beauty and the Beast realm and give the canvas to Belle.

Complete the Into The West Wing Quest

Now, follow Belle to the West Wing and talk to her once again. She explains what really happened (just like in the movie) and will automatically trigger a cutscene where the portrait on the wall will magically change.

After the cutscene and your conversation with Beast, talk to Belle once more and complete the “Into the West Wing!” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.