Disrupting the Nebula: Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances receives its biggest update ever

Galaxy On Fire

Version 1.12 of the popular mobile strategy MMO Galaxy on FireTM – Alliances is called “Disrupting the Nebula” for a reason. After all, the extensive content update, which went live on the App Store today and on Google Play last week, marks the biggest extension in the eventful 16-month history of Deep Silver FISHLABS’ acclaimed flagship title.

Hamburg-based mobile games studio Deep Silver FISHLABS has just released the biggest update ever in the history of their mobile strategy MMO Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances. Going by the distinctive title of “Disrupting the Nebula“, the brand-new version 1.12 of the popular sci-fi epic includes a plethora of enhancements, adjustments and extensions. Since the update went live on the App Store today and on Google Play last week, both iOS and Android players can now enjoy a revamped and enhanced gaming experience.

The key features of “Disrupting the Nebula“ got introduced to the hardcore audience of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances via Deep Silver FISHLABS‘ social media channels step by step throughout the past two weeks. The new functions improve various aspects of the game significantly by adding a new level of strategic gameplay, fostering community interaction, boosting player identification and lowering the threshold for first-time players.

The features of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances v1.12 “Disrupting the Nebula”

A new level of strategic gameplay
·         Multiple round battles: Space battles will now go down in different waves and players can use the breaks between the differing battle rounds to send reinforcements or order your fleets to retreat
·         New means of espionage: Besides gaining intel on enemy planets, spy drones can now also be used to collect helpful information about incoming enemy fleets
·         Tactical sector grid: The new sector grid allows for an easier and quicker identification and communication of hot spots on the star map
·         Instant team formation: Players in need of backup can reach out to nearby allies via push notifications and form attack or defense teams within seconds
Show your colors
·         Alliance flags: Alliances can add country flags, faction decals or general symbols (such as peace sign, skull and crossbones or rainbow colors) to their profile pages in order to illustrate their philosophy, playstyle or origin
Enhanced ways of community interaction
·         Global in-game chat: Players can now reach out to the entire server and share their thoughts and ideas with all players who are currently online

Get your friends on board
·         Social Invites: Players can now access a broad selection of social networks directly from within the app and invite their friends to play Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances

The release of the “Disrupting the Nebula“ update got accompanied by the introduction of brand-new game servers on iOS (re-designed map with clear hotspots) and Android (warzone server) as well as a large-scale ad campaign on national television in Germany, which started at March 14th and lasts until March 25th, 2015.

Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances can be downloaded from the App Store and from Google Play for free.

Check out their game teaser here.