Dissidia Final Fantasy NT DLC Characters Not Yet Decided; Follows 2-Month Cycle For DLCs’ Release Window

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT started its Closed Beta phase last month on August 25 and ended last week on September 4. While we are still far off from its launch, which is 4 months away (worldwide launch: January 30, 2018), Dissidia FF NT directors Takeo Kujiraoka and producer Ichiro Hazama stated that they are nowhere near in development for its planned 6 DLC characters, and that they will follow the character DLC release window of the game’s Japanese arcade version.

In an interview with VG247, Kujiraoka and Hazama confirmed they just began negotiating which characters from the Final Fantasy franchise will make the cut.

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Hazama: With regards to the six characters that we’ve decided for the DLC… we’ve decided to have six characters, and we’ve really only just begun the negotiations of deciding what those six characters are going to be. We’re nowhere near the stage of actually making the characters! [laughs]

So… with that in mind, it’s really hard to tell the difficulty that’s going to be involved in releasing this season pass. Because we don’t actually know how that’s going to even go yet, it’s impossible for us to imagine… ok, so, how many season passes are we going to do, how long is it going to take? We’re not at that stage yet. So we’re definitely going to make this first before we decide how it’ll go.[/alert]

Furthermore, Kujiraoka explained why they followed the 2-month release window for their character DLCs; and the reason behind only release 6 characters.

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Kujiraoka: Just to go back to why we even came up with the idea of six characters… in the Japanese arcade version, there’s been one new character being released every two months. It’s very much us going make it, release it, make it, release it – there’s not really much of a break in between. There’s no pool where we release them all at once. Just through the sheer mathmematics of it within a year that means six new characters – so that’s how we came up with the idea of six additional characters in the first place.[/alert]

It’s still earlier for the studio to decide which characters to add post-launch, we hope that they include Noctis and the gang from Final Fantasy XV.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT launches outside Japan on January 30, 2018 exclusively on PS4; while the Japanese version will be 19 days early.