Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gets New Character From Final Fantasy VIII

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Rinoa

Game publisher Square Enix recently teased a female character for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. This time around, they have revealed it to be a popular character from Final Fantasy VIII.

Rinoa joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The newest character to join the all-star fighting video game is none other than Final Fantasy VIII’s heroine Rinoa Heartilly. Square Enix added here recently to the arcade game with an update this month. She will be a new DLC for the PlayStation 4 version that will be released in late August.

The game publisher also introduced a new trailer after revealing Rinoa. It showcases most of her moveset and her cute dog Angelo. The game is currently only exclusive to the PS4 console and the Japanese arcade cabinets.

Check out Rinoa’s introduction trailer below:

Official Japanese website here.

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