Does Helldivers 2 have Split-screen Co-op?

helldivers 2 split screen

Helldivers 2 is a type of game that’s more fun to play with friends and players across other platforms to defend Super Earth against alien factions, but is there room for split-screen couch co-op? Read ahead as we explain whether or not Helldivers 2 supports Split-screen Co-op features.

Does Helldivers 2 have split-screen co-op?

No, Helldivers 2 does not feature local split-screen co-op. Compared to the first top-down title, Helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter with stunning visuals and gameplay features, which may be difficult to use a split-screen mode, particularly with four players.

is helldivers 2 multiplayer

While it’s a possibility that Arrowhead Game Studios¬†may decide to add split-screen support in the future, those who want to play local couch co-op will need to host or join a lobby in online multiplayer for now. We’ll make sure to update this page as soon as possible once the split-screen co-op feature is eventually accessible.

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