Does Lethal Company Have a Mimic Enemy?

Does Lethal Company hide a Mimic enemy? Dive into the suspense of a potential new threat, adding tension to every match.

Mimic Enemy in Lethal Company

Many players have been asking for a Mimic enemy in Lethal Company. There’s not much worse than a monster pretending to be a harmless entity or even an ally who won’t attack until you’ve let your guard down. The monster list for Lethal Company is already quite huge, but a Mimic would make for a great addition that adds more tension to each match.

Is There a Mimic Enemy in Lethal Company?

For now, there isn’t a Mimic enemy in Lethal Company. It only exists as an enemy concept that players are asking for. But with the game still in its early access stage, there’s a good chance it might be added in the near future.

Is There a Mimic Enemy in Lethal Company

Mimic, as you can probably tell from the name, imitates a harmless object in the game. It could be something like an item that lures players into picking it up before attacking. Whatever ideas Mimic can possess to make them seem like a nonthreat are all plausible.

Some have even proposed for the Mimic to be able to copy another player and infiltrate a group. You wouldn’t notice that one of you is an imposter until you realize that there’s an extra member. And to make things interesting, making it so that only one person from the team can see the Mimic at a time would make it even more dangerous.

Adding a Mimic to the list of monsters would be a cool and fitting idea for Lethal Company. Considering that there’s a good number of players requesting it, we may actually have a really good chance of seeing it in a future update.

There’s a lot of monsters in Lethal Company that have pretty cool concepts. They’re each dangerous and can really be lethal if you don’t know how to deal with them. Should a Mimic ever be added to Lethal Company, we’ll be sure to tell you how to deal with them.