Does Redfall Have Split Screen Multiplayer?

Looking for split screen multiplayer in Redfall? Check out our guide to see if this new vampire slaying game offers couch coop features.

When playing together to slay vampires is one of your selling points, you could ask if Redfall has split screen multiplayer coop. So many multiplayer games nowadays rely on online connectivity to play with friends that couch coop is a rare practice. This guide will show you if Redfall has any split screen couch coop features for multiplayer.

Does Redfall Have Split Screen Multiplayer Coop?

Redfall does not offer split screen multiplayer. Although it does allow you to connect with your friends online to play in the same lobby, you won’t be able to share the same screen.

You’ll have to use different consoles or PCs if you want to play with each other in Redfall. Sharing the same screen in split screen multiplayer isn’t a feature in the game. It’s rare nowadays for multiplayer first-person shooters to implement split screen coop.

This also means that you need two separate copies of Redfall in other to play the game. One of the perks of playing split screen is that it’s only ever needed a single copy. But since Redfall uses online connection for multiplayer sessions through Xbox Live, so you need your own copy to play along with your friends.

Does Redfall Have Split Screen Multiplayer Coop?

Redfall is available on Xbox Game Pass if you’re not sure about buying a copy yet. If you have an Xbox Series X|S or PC you can subscribe to it and download the game right now. Crossplay is also available so you can play with friends that way no matter the platform.

We hope this answers if Redfall has split screen multiplayer coop. Feel free to check out more of our Redfall Guides as well.