Don’t Starve Together – Now Available on Steam

Don’t Starve Together is now available on Steam!

Don’t Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game Don’t Starve. And so it begins!

Don’t Starve Together began as a near impossibility and now thanks to the fans of Don’t Starve; it has has made it’s way through Early-Access and has landed squarely into the realm of full release. With the release version of DST, in addition to reaching content parity with the original game we have added a few new fun things for you. Maxwell makes his long awaited debut, resource variants have been introduced to add a little spice to your life; and of course, more bug fixes and tweaks — and maybe some other surprises. You can check out the recent update notes, as summarized below:


  • Maxwell the master of puppets has finally made his appearance
  • Maxwell Guest of Honor and Survivor heads and clothing items have been added
  • New craftable Firepit cosmetics have been added
  • Various frontend improvements
  • Code redemption dialog added to the main menu
  • Servers now include their Steam interface language in their tags so that users can search for servers of a specific language
  • Dedicated servers can set their language tag in the MISC section of their cluster.ini with the option “language_code” (See data/scripts/languages/server_language_strings.lua for a list of available language codes)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed One Man Band animations while mounted
  • Fixed particle buffers from selecting incorrect texture frames
  • Fixed Wolfgang’s torso symbol sorting when wearing a shirt in his mighty form
  • Fixed Wendy’s torso symbol sorting when wearing pants
  • Fixed Wilson’s base clothing from getting tucked into skirts awkwardly
  • Fixed font issues on translation mods popup


This doesn’t mean the end of more content for Don’t Starve Together. The developers still have a bunch of cool new things they want to bring you in future content updates. Check out info on their upcoming plans here and here.

Have fun out there.  Watch this game’s official launch trailer: