Doom Eternal Gains Over $450 Million Since Its First Release Last Year

A new report revealed that popular video game Doom Eternal has gained a lot of profit since its launch.

Former Product Management Lead at id Software David Saunders recently posted on his LinkedIn profile that the game has gained over $450 million in revenue. This happened since its launch way back in March 20, 2020.

id Software, according to Saunders, was focused on Doom Eternal in particular, which made them develop high-quality content for it. They dedicated all of their efforts into making this game what it is today, which has now paid off.

According to a source on ResetEra, the game has garnered 104,891 players on its launch day on Steam. Now add that with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases and that amount should total to what they have gotten today.

Doom Eternal is now available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

Source: ResetEra