Quake 2 Remaster Now Available with New Expansion

New remaster to celebrate Quakecon.

Bethesda and id Software released the Quake 2 Remaster today to celebrate this year’s Quakecon.

Quake 2 Remaster Features Mission Packs and More

The Quake 2 Remaster will include a new expansion titled Call of the Machine, which was developed by Wolfenstein: The New Order studio MachineGames. This remaster is an enhanced edition of the original 1997 game, which includes the mission packs The Reckoning and Ground Zero plus a PC version of Quake 2 on N64. This will all be priced only at $10.

Remaster Improvements and More

The remaster will have 4K and widescreen resolution support, dynamic and colored lighting, anti-aliasing and depth of field, together with enhanced models, enemy animations, gore effects, AI and cinematics. It will also have the famous splitscreen multiplayer on or offline bot support and crossplay.

Mission Pack Inclusions

The two mission packs, Reckoning and Ground Zero, will have a total of 33 singleplayer levels and 21 multiplayer maps. The new Call of the Machine expansion consists of 28 new campaign levels and one new multiplayer map.

New Expansion

Here is a description of the Call of the Machine expansion: “In the depths of Strogg space lies the Machine, a singularity capable of collapsing the fabric of reality. Fight across time and space to find the Strogg-Maker, destroy it, and change the destiny of man and machine.”

Original Game Owners Perk

Players who have the game on Steam can just get a free update, just like what happened for 2021 Quake 1 Remaster.