Australian Ratings Board Might Have Leaked Doom Eternal VR

Doom Eternal

The Australian Ratings Board has recently posted a rating of a game and it seems they just revealed Doom Eternal VR.

The Nintendo Switch version is coming soon, but it seems game companies Bethesda and iD Software have other plans in mind. And one of those is to put the game on virtual reality.

The rating was about a mysterious title called Project 2021A. The listing says that it is classified as a virtual reality game it is under the authorship of iD Software with Bethesda as publisher. That sounds fishy enough.

The description says it all: mild language, strong themes, high impact violence. All similar to how Doom Eternal was described last year. Still, the name is not the game, but kind of a codename of sorts.

Bethesda and iD Software have both not made any statements to confirm this yet. Microsoft has not even commented on this. The listing could be another title, but the hints are there so it is a strong chance it is related to Doom Eternal.

Now imagine playing the game on VR with all of that speedy gameplay.

Doom Eternal is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and soon on Nintendo Switch. Possibly coming to PS VR and other VR headsets as well.

Source: Australian Ratings Board via PCGamesN