Doom Update 1.08

With Halloween just around the corner, one can only expect a time of candy eating monsters and demons (Actually just kids in silly costumes), that and a new Doom update with a more monsters and demons. Be careful though the type in Doom aren’t too fond of candy. With the Doom 1.08 update, a whooping 19GB for PS4 and 11GB for PC, Bethesda has reportedly added in the following:

-Added Arcade Mode for all players
-Added the new FFA mode called Bloodrush
-Added the new team-based, Prowler vs. Marine mode, Possession
Snap Map:
New DOOM Classic Campaign
-Feature Pack Campaign mission including new classic DOOM levels
Classic DOOM Content
-New classic DOOM modules, props, interactable items, lifts, pickups, sounds, classic player deaths and music
Community Support
-Community Curation system enabling new maps to be published to be reviewed and recommended by the community
-Community HUB overhaul to make finding your favorite content easier
-SnapFeed support allowing users to subscribe to authors, players and maps to get up to the minute details on new content
Custom Environment Creation
-Detailed hotspot and tiling textured blocking volumes can be used to create custom environments
-Decal Tool to add blood, numbers, demonic symbols, grime, corrosion, etc. to your maps
-Massive update of new Hell and UAC environment props
-New container object models
Additional Logic Tools
-Copy content and logic from one map to Paste into another
-Created multi-level campaign using Next Map Logic
-Added Hazard and FX as a category of Spawners
-Set color input added for all volumes and hazards
-Snap Grid Offsets added to editor settings to allow authors to offset in XYZ coordinate space
-POI can now be set on spawner items
-Authors can get precise camera position by previewing the camera view within the editor
-Added set environment and fade to camera properties
-Authors can set their editor view to ignore current module environment settings
-Cylinder volumes can be used as shootable triggers
-Added support for silent (no VO announcements) lockdowns
-No longer need to set a DOOM ID to post to map leaderboards
Additional DOOM Single Player Consistency
-Additional DOOM weapon upgrades from Campaign – mastery versions of the HAR and -Combat Shotgun
-Campaign-styled communication HUD elements
-Editable interactable GUI
-Additional FX and Hazards
-Added Rune Tablet interactable
-Publish maps with Campaign intro screen and lobby
-Additional equipment pickup items
-Add Static keycard and weapons props
-Added setting to disable hit feedback sounds
-Added setting to disable damage indicators
-Added setting to disable AI teleport FX
-Added Berserk powerup
More Stuff
-Additional Armor and Weapon Customization Skins
-Revenant Player Demon
-Usable volumes will now work in the front of doors
-Blocking Volumes (previously called Player Blocking Volumes) now default to static and -visible when placed
-AI can now be affected by Blocking Volumes
-Some props can have their FX toggled on and off