Dragon Age Dreadwolf Gameplay Leak Video Released

Plays like God of War. That's interesting.

A new share has revealed a Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay leak video which is similar to God of War combat.

A reddit user recently shared an early video of upcoming video game Dragon Age Dreadwolf. They claim that it was captured by a playtester with access to the early alpha build of the game.

The user did not show all of the Dragon Age Dreadwolf gameplay leak video but they did share screen captures and a description of what it allegedly shows. The images were recently taken down, unfortunately.

“It’s about 20 minutes of gameplay involving one segment/dungeon,” they said. “The entire gameplay is set within the Gray Warden fortress HQ of Weisshaupt.”

“The player character is an Elvish “Knight” Class (the character screen actually says they are a mid-level Grey Warden), they’ve got a sword and a shield. They also have two party members, another knight dude and a female dwarf rogue.”

“Combat is completely in real-time and similar to a hack and slash. I’m told the guiding reference point was the God of War (2018), and that shows.”

Aside from the other leaked details, the leaker revealed that the alpha version did not have the functionality to command party members, which is quite concerning since previous Dragon Age games had that. Commanding party members was a constant Dragon Age feature, but since this is the alpha version, this could change in the next version.

The one thing that you would notice right away is the visual and animation quality improved drastically. Fans would know the difference right away because there is no other BioWare game that comes close, according to the leaker.

dragon age dreadwolf gameplay leak video

Dragon Age Dreadwolf is currently in development.

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