Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Rumored Getting Delayed Internally

Some staff are now appointed for the development of this game but it might not be enough.

A new rumor claims that the upcoming video game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf “keeps getting pushed back” internally at BioWare.

The new rumor comes from Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb who recently claimed that he had discussed behind the scenes goings on at the EA studio with his “sources”. This actually came to light after recently BioWare laid off some staff members.

Just recently BioWare General Manager Gary McKay announced that the company would be laying off approximately 50 jobs as part of a shift towards becoming a more agile and more focused studio. This worried fans about the development of future BioWare games which included Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and it seems the rumors coincide with those worries as well.

Grubb’s sources claimed that the game was once planned to launch in September 2023. It then keeps getting delayed again and again, unfortunately.

The target release window for the game was then moved to March 2024, but then this got changed too and now it is planned to release next summer “at the earliest”.

Grubb does think that this will most likely get pushed back even further. He says that it could be released late next year, but possibly in early 2025. He also said that the latest layoffs at the studio mean that more of Gamble’s team will now be appointed to Dragon Age. This will mean it will take longer to develop the next Mass Effect title, unfortunately.