Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some pointers to help you out in your Dragon Ball Z Kakarot trophy run

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will soon be available on PlayStation 5. The current-gen version of the game includes the DLCs that have been added since the game first launched on the PS4. But other than that, the new version will have enhanced graphics, as well as 4K support and 60 frames per second. And since it is now running on SSDs, expect reduced load times.

As for the game itself, in case you don’t already know, lets players experience the entire story of Dragon Ball Z, including all the epic showdowns and everything else in between.

In this trophy guide, we’ll give you some advice you might find useful on a first-time trophy run of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on PlayStation 5. The game hasn’t been radically changed since its release, though one can say that the trophy run is a little more eventful now with the addition of the three DLCs, and will make combat encounters generally easier down the line.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophy Guide


  • Dragon Ball Master: Obtain all trophies


  • Bye-Bye, Buu: Complete the Majin Buu Saga
  • Down with the Demon Realm!: Win the battle against Mira
  • Tough Enough: Complete a Level 10 challenge in the Training Room
  • Fountain of Knowledge: Unlock 400 entries in the Z Encyclopedia


  • Worse For Wear: Complete the Saiyan Saga
  • Emperor No More: Complete the Frieza Saga
  • Earth’s New Champion: Complete the Cell Saga
  • Purging the Plague: Defeat 30 Villainous parties
  • Shenron’s Favorite: Summon Shenron 10 times from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish
  • Heavy Medal: Collect 100 D Medals
  • A Super Warrior Is Born: Acquire 100 Super Attacks or Masteries in the Super Attack Skill Tree
  • Thirsty for Knowledge: Unlock 200 entries in the Z Encyclopedia
  • Turtle School Legend: Complete 50 Turtle School training challenges and report to Master Roshi


  • Former Foe: Win the simulation battle against Piccolo
  • Helping Hand: Complete a sub-story
  • Do-Gooder: Complete 10 sub-stories
  • A Dark Omen: Defeat your first Villainous party
  • Evil All Around: Defeat 20 Villainous parties
  • The Voice in My Head: Receive a telepathic message from King Kai
  • Who Needs a Phone?: Receive 20 telepathic messages from King Kai
  • Wish Maker: Summon Shenron from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish
  • Getting Greedy: Summon Shenron 5 times from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish
  • Push It to the Limit: Complete 10 challenges at a Training Grounds location with any character
  • Excavator: Destroy a boulder blocking a cave
  • Demolition Artist: Destroy 10 boulders blocking caves
  • There’s Nothing Like a Home-Cooked Meal!: Make a full-course meal
  • Only the Finest: Make 5 full-course meals
  • Medal Madness: Collect 10 D Medals
  • Newfound Power: Acquire a Super Attack or Mastery in the Super Attack Skill Tree
  • Highly Skilled: Acquire 50 Super Attacks or Masteries in the Super Attack Skill Tree
  • Not Worth My Time: Get an instant victory over an enemy
  • Can’t Touch This: Get 50 instant victories on enemies
  • Let the Building Begin!: Build a machine part
  • Get out of My Head and Turn into My Car: Build a hovercar
  • Robot Rider: Build a Bidedal Robo Walker
  • Tell Me More: Unlock an entry in the Z Encyclopedia
  • Turtle School Trainee: Complete a Turtle School training challenge and report to Master Roshi
  • Turtle School Master: Complete 20 Turtle School training challenges and report to Master Roshi
  • The Power of Friendship: Use 10 Super Attack Assists
  • Z Combo Zealot: Perform 10 Z Combos
  • Flash Finish: Win a battle with a Super Finish

There are 42 Trophies in total to collect:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 4 Gold Trophies
  • 9 Silver Trophies
  • 28 Bronze Trophies

Hidden Trophies

  • Former Foe
  • Worse For Wear
  • Emperor No More
  • Earth’s New Champion
  • Bye-Bye, Buu
  • A Dark Omen
  • Evil All Around
  • Purging the Plague
  • Down with the Demon Realm!
  • Tough Enough
  • Excavator
  • Demolition Artist
  • Flashy Finish

There are a couple of things you need to know about this trophy run.

First, there aren’t any missable trophies in the game, you can go from start to finish of the story campaign and get every trophy, no matter the difficulty you play.

Second, the game doesn’t end after the credit screen. The game continues on, allowing you freely roam the game space and mop up all the other trophies you may have missed. This applies to the many trophies associated with sub-stories, villainous parties, training room challenges, and summoning Shenron.

Speaking of Shenron, it may be in your best interest to try and collect the Dragon Balls the moment they become available. Remember, to unlock the “Shenron’s Favorite” trophy, you need to summon Shenron ten times. This may take a while since there’s a cooldown every time you summon the dragon. As for what you want to wish for, you can choose to bring back old bosses and take them down again. The other items are ok but they lose their value as you play the game.

When it comes to taking on sub-stories or requests in general, you’ll come across a character that may want something. It’s usually random stuff that you may not have given a second thought to. As a rule of thumb, if they’re making a request for something, those items are generally close by. At least within the current map.

Also, you should consider picking up random ingredients from time to time. It’s crazy, but you never really know what kind of recipe you’re going to get in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and it might save you time in the long run.

The minigames should be the last requirement and those ones you can take your sweet time with.

The final bit of advice we can give is to keep leveling up and unlock all the Super Attacks and Mastery. It goes a long way to unlocking the “A Super Warrior is Born” Trophy, and that should really help in getting the combat and challenge trophies. It is also worth noting that you can actually unlock new skills via the grounds and room challenges.

And that’s our trophy guide for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on PlayStation 5. The game has been a massive success for the franchise. It has sold millions since its first release back in January 2020. This is a must-play for fans of the anime.

Check out this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – Battle for Planet Vegeta trailer from the PlayStation YouTube channel, of what you can expect from Season Pass 2 which launches alongside the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

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