Dragon Quest 12 Officially Just Got Confirmed By Original Creator

Dragon Quest 11 image

Game original creator and current head of the franchise Yuji Hori just recently announced that upcoming sequel Dragon Quest 12 is now in the works.

Dragon Quest 12 finally official

The developers have confirmed that the sequel is now in development in a recent tweet after greeting the fans a happy New Year. They wanted to give an update to the fans that waited for any news for 12. Hori did not reveal any released date or timeframe, but he just confirmed that the game exists and is moving along well.

Hori also revealed that while the sequel is in development and ongoing, fans can expect some other surprises to release in the time being. He did not make any promises but notes that there might be multiple projects that will get released before the sequel comes out. It was not implied that it will be games or maybe other type of media since there are also a variety of anime and manga-related franchise projects in the past.

Source: GameRant