Dragon’s Dogma 2: Off the Pilfered Path Walkthrough

A guide on how to help Hugo and complete the Off the Pilfered Path quest in Dragon's Dogma 2 (Best Outcome)

Dragon's Dogma 2 Off the Pilfered Path cover

Off the Pilfered Path is a quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where players get a chance to help out a young thief named Hugo from getting out of Gaol and turning his life around. Read ahead as we go through the choices and outcomes of the Off the Pilfered Path quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to unlock the Off the Pilfered Path quest

To unlock the Off the Pilfered Path quest, you must complete the Nation of Lambent Flame to get access to the Battahl region, and also complete the Mercy Among Thieves quest. Once done, go to the Bakbattahl Gaol to start the quest.

If you want to get the best ending for this quest, it is best that you complete either the Every Rose Has Its Thorn quest and romanced Wilhelmina or the Short-Sighted Ambition quest, although you will have to go and pick the bad ending by giving Isaac the real grimoire. Doing either of the two quests with those respective outcomes will give you the options later on when recommending a place to work at for Hugo.

Offer Hugo guidance

Offer Hugo guidance - Dragon's Dogma 2 Off the Pilfered Path quest

Inside the Gaol, go talk to Brefft first who is the prisoner beside Hugo’s cell and he will tell you about what happened to Hugo’s parents and the Coral Snakes’ new hideout at the Ancient Battleground. Afterwards, go talk to Hugo and you will have the option to tell him the truth about his parents’ killer. Doing so will set Hugo in a path of vengeance towards Lanzo.

Tell Hugo the truth about his parents

If you tell Hugo the truth about his parents and let a day or two pass without doing anything, Hugo will escape on his own and kill Brefft before heading back out to the Ancient Battleground to where he will meet his own death against Lanzo and his men. So it is important to do the next steps as soon as possible to keep Hugo from dying.

Kill Lanzo and his lackeys

Head over to the Ancient Battleground where you will find the Coral Snakes and their leader Lanzo. As long as Hugo has been told about the truth about his parents, Hugo will just return to Lanzo for his revenge and end up dying. Instead, you can kill Lanzo and his lackeys to prevent that from happening.

Once Lanzo has been dealt with, Hugo will arrive and be upset at you for foiling his revenge. He then thinks that he will just go back to being a thief. Tell him that he can still live an honest life and I do when he asks if you believe he can do so. Then, tell him that you know a place that might give him work, then pick the option on where he could work depending on which of the previous quests you have completed: work in Myrmecoleon or in Isaac’s Wares.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Off the Pilfered Path quest ending

This will then complete the quest and reward you with 4,500 XP and 7,000 G. The bonus for this outcome is that you get to visit Hugo at his work to see that he’s doing fine.

Other Outcomes for the Off the Pilfered Path quest

Other Outcomes for the Off the Pilfered Path quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

There are other choices for this quest that end up with different outcomes, such as:

  • Hugo never learns about his parents’ killer, Ekratt sets him free

If you don’t tell Hugo about Lanzo being his parents’ killer, you can work on bribing Ekratt a couple of times until Hugo is set free. You can then either let Hugo find out his next steps on his own, or you can recommend him a work place.

  • You help Hugo kill Lanzo, but you can’t offer him a job

The outcome for this choice will still net you the rewards for completing the quest, but you won’t be able to visit and see Hugo at his work place.

  • Hugo heads over to the Ancient Battleground to kill Lanzo on his own

For this choice, both Hugo and Lanzo will end up killing each other. If you wait a day or two and pass by the oxcart station in Bakbattahl, Benjamin will tell you that they have raided the Coral Snakes at the Ancient Battleground and found Hugo and Lanzo dead.