Dragon’s Dogma 2 Best Daggers, Ranked

All Dragon's Dogma 2 daggers ranked and their locations

Dragon's Dogma 2 Daggers cover

In Dragon’s Dogma 2 Daggers are the main weapons of the Thief vocation and can also be wielded by the Warfarer vocation. We listed down the top 11 best daggers that can be obtained in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The daggers listed below are ranked based on their base stats including strength, strike strength, and knockdown power, with some exception based on the stage of the game they are most effective. I have included how to obtain these daggers and whether they are easy to acquire.


Blades of refined design but cruel purpose. Their flared tips rend flesh and bone as they exit their victim.

  • Strength: 118
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 131

Snagdaggers can be obtained from Rodrick’s Smithy in Vernworth for 14,800 G. It boasts a high amount of knockdown power for a dagger that can be obtained early in the game.


Daggers fashioned from saurian skin, bone, and fang. Every bite of the blades is laced with poison.
  • Strength: 162
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 156

Spite can be obtained from Celeste’s Smithy in Checkpoint Rest Town or in Awaran’s Armins in Bakbattahl for 27,800 G. What is good about this dagger is that it can inflight the blighted debilitation which can deal not only tick damage, but it can also cause a huge amount of damage by inflicting fulminant poison. Good for dealing with early bosses with large health bars.

Battahli Biters

Daggers oft seen in Battahl. Light and wieldy, their lethality is restricted only by the wielder’s imagination.
  • Strength: 219
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 131

Battahli Biters can be obtained from Awaran’s Arms in Bakbattahl for 36,200 G. Its significant increase in strength, plus its light weight give an edge against enemies that have moderately sized health bars.

Divine Razors

Daggers imbued with a font of immense power that courses through the wielder on the field of battle, emboldening and exhilarating them.
  • Strength: 237
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 155

Divine Razors can be obtained from Awaran’s Arms in Bakbattahl for 45,500 G. It is a better alternative than the Battahli Biters for just a small increase in price if you are looking for a higher raw damage and knockdown power.

Bolts from the Blue

Blades uncovered within a shrine of eld. Once the crowns of longer weapons, they were reforged as daggers and given a lightning enchantment.
  • Strength: 115
  • Magick: 200
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 120

Bolts from the Blue can be obtained from a chest inside the Windworn Gully, north of Checkpoint Rest Town. The dagger’s stats alone is not that significant, but the dagger itself has a very special use: it is the most effective weapon to get a Preserved Medusa Head which can be used to petrify even the most dangerous creatures in the wild.

Crimson Teeth

Eerie daggers bearing a skeletal motif. Employed in arcane rituals by practitioners of dark magicks.
  • Strength: 269
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 176

Crimson Teeth can be obtained in a chest in Sal-Battahl Cavern, far southwest from Bakbattahl. This dagger is a good option to get once you start making your way through the Battahl desert.

Dowsing Spikes

Daggers with hilts meant to recall snakes on the hunt. They emit a glow whenever treasure is near.
  • Strength: 230
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 234

Dowsing Spikes can be obtained from the Vocation Guilds for 30 Seeker’s Tokens. It is a pair of daggers with decent knockdown power, but its most helpful use is for searching for treasures as it glows when a chest is nearby.

Framae Blades

Daggers reforged from a pair of polearms that once housed a demonic presence. Unparalleled tools in the art of stabbing.
  • Strength: 290
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 184

Framae Blades can be obtained from the Volcanic Island Armory in Volcanic Island Camp and in all of the smithies and armories while in the Unmoored World for for 60,000 G. Its high strength is good enough for dealing with the enemies in the early part of the endgame section.

Frosted Edges

Daggers forged from a rare ore found in an iceberg. Coated in a thin layer of frost, the blades bear a perpetual ice enchantment.
  • Strength: 206
  • Magick: 350
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 145

Frosted Edges can be obtained from a chest in the Coral Snakes’ Hideout. Because of its ice element and its ability to inflict frostbite, these daggers can be used even as far as the Unmoored World.

Dragon’s Vein

Daggers worthy of their namesake. Facing them is akin to having the dragon’s own claws at your neck.
  • Strength: 330
  • Magick: 0
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 172

Dragon’s Vein can be obtained from the Bay Wayside Shrine for 110 Wyrmslife Crystals while in the Unmoored World. These daggers boasts the highest strength among all daggers which can be further pumped higher with enhancements.

Heaven’s Key

Daggers infused with divine might through arcane means. Their holy enchantment will never fade.
  • Strength: 306
  • Magick: 400
  • Slash Strength: 100
  • Knockdown: 234

Heaven’s Key is the best dagger in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as it has the highest damage output thanks to its holy element and high strength and knockdown power. These daggers can be obtained from all smithies and armories in the Unmoored World for 68,000 G.

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