Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tensions on the Highroad Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete the Tensions on the Highroad quest in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 Tensions on the Highroad cover

In Dragon’s Dogma 2 Tensions on the Highroad is a quest where the Arisen’s help is requested to escort an important person as they travel down the road. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Tensions on the Highroad quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

How to unlock the Tension on the Highroad quest

To unlock the Tensions on the Highroad quest, make your way to Battahl for the first time and complete the Welcome to Battahl quest. Afterwards, travel back to Vernworth and go to the statues at the Merchant Quarter of Vernworth and you will be approached by a guard named Simon which will then start the quest.

Escort the oxcart

Simon will ask for your help on their job to escort Ser Augustin. He then tells you to meet at the location near the Checkpoint Rest Town where the escort will start.

Make your way at the marked location northeast of Checkpoint Rest Town where you will meet Simon and his other men preparing for the escort.

Take a side

As you walk along with the escort, Raghnall will show up and interrupt the escort which leads to a fight. You will then have to choose whose side you want to go with. Choosing either side will do and it will not change the rewards that you will get for the quest, but for the quest to make more sense, choose to fight with Raghnall by attacking the guards.

Pursue Raghnall

Once the fight is over and the guards have been defeated, Raghnall will tell you to follow him into the woods until you reach the Guerco Cavern.

As you venture into the cavern, a portion of the platform fall will break beneath you, causing you to go down into the cavern and get separated from your pawns. Continue down into the cavern and you will meet Raghnall who is busy fighting against enemies; help him defeat the enemies.

After the fight, Raghnall will reveal that the escort was a set up made by the guards to kill Augustin and pin the assassination to the Arisen. However, Augustin found out about this plan and hired Raghnall to foil the assassination instead.

Seek an exit

As you and Raghnall look for an exit, you will end up at an area that opens up to a beach, but is inhabited by Saurians. Kill off all of the enemies and then you and Raghnall will decide to camp out for the night.

The next day, you will need to go into the other part of the caverns (take the cave opening on the right side) to continue finding a way out. As you finally spot the exit, rocks will fall down and block the path, preventing Raghnall from exiting with you. Raghnall tells you to continue on without him as he tries to find another exit. The quest will then be completed, rewarding you with 4,000 XP and 12,000 G.