DualSense Controllers Now Seen in Retail Shops in the US

DualSense Controller

Several sightings of the DualSense controllers were reported recently on social media and other websites.

Some gamers in the US have recently sighted the next-gen controller for the PlayStation 5 at Walmart. Twitter user Destruct posted a picture showing two images that featured three controllers on display. Of course they were not for sale yet since the official release would be on October 30.

Another Twitter post was also shared by GamesAndWario with a close up of the box. It also came from Walmart.

There are even posts of selling the controllers on Facebook for $100. Redditor Drew_Tt could not believe that it was already for listing.

Popular shops here in the Philippines like GameOnePH, iTech, and Datablitz have not made an announcement if they are going to sell the controller soon. There was an inside information though reported yesterday that the PS5 PH pre-orders could happen on launch day. Nothing is for certain yet, but we will update everyone when we get information.

PlayStation 5 will launch in the US, Japan, and select few countries on Nov. 12. The rest of the world will get it on Nov. 19.

Thanks VG247!