Dying Light 2 Accolades Trailer Celebrates Positive Results

Big win for Techland!

Techland is proud to say their latest title Dying Light 2 is a big success for them and to celebrate, a new accolades trailer and some stats.

The game developer proudly revealed their big numbers that they discovered during the first weekend. According to them, the game had over 25 thousand reviews on Steam with 81 percent being positive. Already a big win there, but with the addition of reach 272,586 concurrent players on the same platform. It has now ranked 23rd on Steam’s most-played games of all time.

Techland revealed that on launch week, they noticed 512,000 CCV at the maximum peak of people watching Dying Light 2 Stay Human on Twitch and YouTube. Currently across all platforms, people are now watching the game’s content for over 18 million hours.

Several media outlets have already shared their criticism of the game and have given some really big scores of over 77 points on every reviewed platform. They are as follows:


PC – 79

XSX – 79

PS5 – 79

Opencritic: 77 percent

Techland celebrates Dying Light 2’s successful launch with a contents for the fans. The prize is a powerful, customized PC with RTX 3090 FE and i9-12900k made by Nate Gentile. Check out this Twitter post for more details.

Dying Light 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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