Dying Light 2 Datamine Reveals Potential Story DLC Contents

The Opera House is the next location.

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A new Dying Light 2 datamine might have just uncovered the upcoming story DLC contents.

Dying Light 2 Datamine Reveals New Details

Someone has recently datamined the patch for video game sequel Dying Light 2. Patch v1.4.0 was the one that they used to uncover some interesting new details that could possibly be the next story DLC for the game.

Opera Could Be Next

According to the datamine, the story DLC is called Opera. It will be a Gladiator themed DLC. Most of the major events happening in this possible story DLC will take place in an opera house called the Opera Astrid and its surrounding areas.

Highlights of Opera DLC

The DLC will be story driven sprinkled with zombie hunts and parkour. The intriguing part is its endings because it will have two instead of the usual one since it is DLC. It seems players will have a choice on which endings they can go for.

Datamined Data

The DLC will have 2,000 pieces of dialogue and 1,000 stage directions. They have a prefix “dlg_opera” mined from binaries. There are also over 3,000 audio placeholder tts audio dialogs and other mined from .aesp audio containers.

There are some new 3D models and prefabs with prefix “dlc-opera” and “dlc-1”, including Opera house, opera + gladiator themed NPCs and more. There could be new characters that will be introduced with this new story DLC.

No official confirmation from Techland yet, but this is most likely to be announced soon.

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Dying Light 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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