Dying Light 2 Newest D2K Episode showcases Aiden’s Voice Actor Jonah Scott

Check out the voice of the main protagonist!

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Techland has recently shared the latest Dying 2 Know Episode for Dying Light 2: Stay Human and its guest is voice actor Jonah Scott, the voice of main protagonist Aiden Caldwell.

In this episode, Aiden’s voice actor Jonah Scott reveals some interesting details about him working as a voice actor, the length of the game’s script, and his voice acting dream roles.

First, Jonah shares that this voice acting job is more than a normal job for him. At this point, he has been the voice of Aiden for almost five years now, which means this could be the length of the development of the game and maybe more than that. He started as a scratch track, a temporary vocal track for the real actor to go in, but over the years he was asked to go back and voice more lines and that is where he got the job.

For the script, Jonah revealed that it is very long. He explained that the scrip they use is just like in filmmaking, in an excel spreadsheet. He guessed that the lines he has for this game is more or less 50,000 lines.

Jonah also mentioned some of the dream roles he would like to play in the future. Most of them are in fictional stories. He has also been inspired by other American voice actors like Matthew Mercer and Roger Craig Smith.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human launches February 4, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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